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Heike crab

Por kirai el 30 de January de 2007 en History

I read at an interesting article that remind me how much I liked the “Heike´s crab” history when I read Cosmos from Carl Sagan. “The Heike crab” or “the samurai crab” is famous because it looks like samurai warriors from the beginnings of last millenium. As Carl Sagan explains in his book, Heike clan [...]

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Por kirai el 29 de January de 2007 en Advertising

Microsoft Japan is doing his best preparing Windows Vista launch. They put a bit Windows logo with a countdown clock at 109, one of the most famous department stores in Japan. Apple Japan counterattack is a funny TV add where one guy is supposed to be Windows and the other one MacOSX , during the [...]

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Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Por kirai el 26 de January de 2007 en Books

“Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman” is the last book I read from Haruki Murakami, my favorite writer. “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman” its a compilation of short histories that he wrote since 1980 till nowadays. Reading this book you’ll get a sense of Haruki’s trajectory and style changes through time. Some of the short histories included in [...]

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Yasukuni shrine

Por kirai el 24 de January de 2007 en Society

Yasukuni ( 靖国 – “peaceful nation” ) is one of the most famous shrines in Japan because of its political use. I visited it for the first time last week and it was pretty boring, full of emperor seals and some radical groups praying. The shrine was built dedicated to the spirits of Japanese who [...]

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Fake panda

Por kirai el 24 de January de 2007 en JapaneseTV

Free hugs or Free fucks

Por kirai el 24 de January de 2007 en Various

Found some japanese guys that joined the worldwide famous campaign Free Hugs. It seems that Japanese don’t really like it, usually they don’t even want to have physical contact with people they know. From the other hand it seems that many japanese with outstanding english skills thought that “Free hugs” was “Free fucks” and people [...]

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Get a bike with a PS3

Por kirai el 23 de January de 2007 en Various

Found at Flapyinjapan.

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16 vending machines in the same photo

Por kirai el 22 de January de 2007 en Drinks

This is my record of vending machines in the same photo. I took it in a little street at Ikebukuro, north of Shinjuku at Tokyo. Only bicycles and vending machines.

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