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Gundam – ガンダム

Por kirai el 28 de February de 2007 en Anime,Otaku

Gundam is one of the longest series of Japanese anime, it started in 1979 with “Mobile Suit Gundam” and it is still running with “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”. The fantastic world of Gundam is huge, I’m not a Gundam fan but I can see series, films, OVAs, video games and figures every time I go [...]

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Building scalable web sites

Por kirai el 28 de February de 2007 en Books

“Building Scalable Websites” is one of those tech books that is really hot around Silicon Valley. It’s a book that every web developer working with big sites should have in his desktop. While working at Technorati Japan I learned that is much much much difficult and expensive to develop a web application that is used [...]

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Warm mousepad

Por kirai el 28 de February de 2007 en Gadgets

It’s horrible!!!

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Por kirai el 27 de February de 2007 en Anime

Well known by everyone who has ever watched the movie “My neighbor Totoro”, the Nekobus is a cat-bus (“Neko” is cat in Japanese) that can travel very fast on any type of terrain. One of the most fabulous means of transport that you can imagine. There are many Nekobus fans around the world, and some [...]

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First time it doesn’t snow in Tokyo since 1876

Por kirai el 27 de February de 2007 en Various

From 1876 when they started to gather weather data in Tokyo it snowed at least one time before February 10h every year. This year, it’s almost March and it didn’t snowed, and I don’t think it will do with 15-17 degrees that we are having these days. In order to be registered as “it snowed [...]

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First impression

Por kirai el 26 de February de 2007 en Travel

The first thing you see in Japan after Narita International Airport is: Rice, rice and more rice! I took this video from a Narita Express train, my favorite train (fast and comfortable) to travel from Narita to Tokyo. Other lines from the Airport to Tokyo are Keisei Skyliner a little bit cheaper, JR Sobu Line [...]

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Por kirai el 26 de February de 2007 en Various

Found a guy trying to emulate Spider-man near Harajuku.

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Shaolin golden balls

Por kirai el 25 de February de 2007 en Various

Found this video at Crazy Japan where you can see how Shaolin monks train in order to develop some special abilities. At Youtube there are many Shaolin videos but my recommendation is that you should first watch the film Shaolin Soccer, one of those films that made my university life unique. Japanese Shaolin Soccer cover.

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