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Por kirai el 30 de March de 2007 en Traditional

Katanas are a type of Japanese sword, but nowadays the term is internationally used to talk about all Japanese swords in general. They are considered as the best swords ever created, they have a curved shape and they are many different types and sizes. Strictly talking a katana has around 70 cm, the longest ones [...]

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Tokyo’s Rockabilly Club

Por kirai el 27 de March de 2007 en Music

Tokyo’s Yoyogi park is one of the most interesting places to walk around on Sundays. There are lots of people from many different urban tribes doing what they like freely. If you are planning to travel to Tokyo, Yoyogi is next to Harajuku station at the Yamanote line. Next you can watch one video and [...]

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Furoshiki – 風呂敷

Por kirai el 26 de March de 2007 en Traditional

“Furoshiki” is the name of a traditional wrapping cloth that were used in the old times for cloths and object transport. Nowadays it’s not really used but the Japanese Government is making some campaigns in order to promote its use, in fact “furoshiki” are low-tech reusable multiuse bags that do not fill any space. Let’s [...]

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Shinkansen crossing Tokyo

Por kirai el 23 de March de 2007 en Trains

Took this picture near Shinagawa station. Shinkansen is the Japanese Bullet Train and has two stations in Tokyo’s downtown. The most impressive fact about Japanese Bullet Trains is their frequency and number of lines that are operating. At Tokyo Station you can see “Shinkansen trains” departing to many different places in the country almost every [...]

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Sunglasses for dogs

Por kirai el 20 de March de 2007 en Various


Por kirai el 20 de March de 2007 en Advertising

Danger! Under construction. Be careful with the door. Tsunamis are dangerous.

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Japanese aesthetic values

Por kirai el 16 de March de 2007 en JapaneseCulture

Japanese aesthetic ideals are very different from ours but they’ve being influencing the rest of the world since a long time ago. For example, traditional ukiyo-e woodblock prints inspired many european impressionists and expressionists. Even Frank Lloyd Wright was a ukiyo-e’s fan. But not only Ukiyo-e is fascinating occident; geishas, Japanese gardens, literature, poetry (haikus), [...]

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Floppy never dies

Por kirai el 15 de March de 2007 en Gadgets

It’s 2X, and only 5.800 yens!

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