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Smoker awareness campaign

Por kirai el 30 de April de 2007 en Advertising,Society

Japanese cities are pretty strict “against” smokers, in most areas it is prohibited to smoke in the streets and they can only smoke in designated areas. The problem is that there are not many rules for restaurants and closed areas where smoker and non-smoker areas are separated by just one sign. And the worst is [...]

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Ninja restaurant

Por kirai el 28 de April de 2007 en Food

Last Saturday went to a “ninja” restaurant, where the waiters are “real” ninja. When you enter the restaurant you to go through some dangerous narrow passages with mysterious ninja stuff. At the end you arrive to a little ninja village and you enter a house/cave with your table. In order to call your waiter you [...]

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Loan ATM

Por kirai el 27 de April de 2007 en Various

I don’t know exactly how it works but there are some Loan specialized ATMs around Japan where you apply for loans in just some minutes. I guess you can get much more credit money than with a normal ATM but less than going to the bank. Nowadays people is so used to live in red [...]

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Por kirai el 26 de April de 2007 en Events,Technology

Just came from Eyevio presentation, a website that will start to work tomorrow. It is a Japanese Youtube clone made by Sony, they are not planning to launch it in other languages at the moment. Japan is the second country in the world after United States with more access to Youtube. But I’m pretty sure [...]

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Walking around Tokyo

Por kirai el 25 de April de 2007 en Tokyo

I love strolling around Tokyo taking pictures. Here are some pictures I took during a two hours walk around Minato-ku. If you’ve never been in Tokyo you will be impressed by the variety of things/people/places that you can see in just two hours, also look at how clean are the streets! I use a Finepix [...]

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Por kirai el 25 de April de 2007 en Technology

Map with technology companies in Tokyo area. There are thousands of them in Tokyo and Yokohama, in this map only some of them are represented. The area with more IT companies is Shibuya, also know as “Bitter Valley” trying to emulate “Silicon Valley”. See bigger picture

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Sex in Japan – Part3

Por kirai el 24 de April de 2007 en Sex

Let’s finish the articles about Sex in Japan: Sex in Japan – Part 1 Sexo en Japan – Part 2 Some more data from Anan . Remember that data is from girls between 20 and 50 years old. More info about how to give pleasure to your boyfriend. Where do you practice sex? 31% – [...]

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Crows in Tokyo

Por kirai el 23 de April de 2007 en Society

One of the things I really hate about Tokyo are crows. Yes! Noisy and annoying crows that are all over Tokyo metropolitan area. They wake you up Saturday morning at five in the morning when they start cawing, they bother you while you walk to your work because they are always trying to catch food [...]

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