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Nemawashi – 根回し

Por kirai el 29 de June de 2007 en JapaneseCulture

Nemawashi is a very important concept you need to know if you want to understand how Japanese companies work. The way decisions are made, the way changes in the system are introduced in Japanese companies follow the Nemawashi process. In the old times Nemawashi 根回し was a word used by farmers when they had to [...]

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Sony timer

Por kirai el 28 de June de 2007 en Technology

El “Sony timer” is a Japanese urban legend. The urban legend states that all Sony products are equipped with an internal device called “Sony Timer”, this device controls how long your gadgets is gonna work without breaking. Sony prepares the “Sony timer” so it will be activated just after the warranty expires. This way, you [...]

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Por kirai el 28 de June de 2007 en Food

Inago means “grasshopper” in Japanese. It’s a “delicious” food you can get in countryside restaurants. Roy traveled last week to Tochigi and Gunma prefectures and found some fresh inago Pictures from

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6 months writing in English

Por kirai el 27 de June de 2007 en Kirainet

It’s been six months since I started translating posts from my Spanish blog into English. Good things are: I improved my English and started to know the English blog community in Japan, that means meeting new people and making new friends. Bad things: it is very boring to translate something you have already written. This [...]

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Por kirai el 26 de June de 2007 en Trains

Yurikamome line is one of my favorite railways in Japan. Is one of the main connections between Tokyo and Odaiba island. Is not really a train, neither a monorail… it works somehow using wheels and traveling on top of an elevated concrete structure. It doesn’t need a driver, everything is controlled by computers. Not having [...]

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Tokyo pyramid

Por kirai el 21 de June de 2007 en Architecture

This weekend I watched a Discovery Channel(from youtube) documentary about a huge pyramid that could be built in Tokyo. The pyramid would have the same volume as 55 Gizeh pyramids, and 750.000 people could live inside the structure. It’s an idea from Shimizu corporation that could solve some of the overpopulation we are suffering at [...]

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Pen spinning

Por kirai el 20 de June de 2007 en JapaneseTV

It’s amazing how much free time do these guys have

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Water bar

Por kirai el 19 de June de 2007 en Drinks

Last weekend I saw for the first time in my life a water bar, a place where the only thing you can order is water! Here are some pictures: You can choose two types of water, the “red” one and the “blue” one. The Matrix? View original picture It seems to be a company called [...]

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