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Harajuku and Shinjuku photowalk

Por kirai el 30 de July de 2007 en Tokyo

Two weeks ago I joined a group leaded by Joi Ito and we spend the afternoon taking pictures around Harajuku and Shinjuku. I enjoyed a lot the experience, met new people and learned many photography tricks. Some of the people who attended were: Joi Ito, Fumi Yamazaki, Jim O’connell, Derek, Sean Bonner and Jim Grisanzio. [...]

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Elephant cage

Por kirai el 30 de July de 2007 en Various

Yesterday I was (trying) to read Asahi Shinbun and came into an article about a communications station from the United States army that is being demolished in Okinawa. It happens that this antenna cached my attention when I went to Okinawa, I took these pictures. This big weird thing is in a village called Yomitan [...]

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Kasai Nana

Por kirai el 26 de July de 2007 en JapaneseIdols

Two weeks ago me and Danny promised Kasai Nana’s pictures, we are a little bit late but here you have the pics ^^. Today’s idol is Kasai Nana (華彩 なな), she is 23, 156cm, 90-59-88 a her blood type is A. The information about the blood type is the most important for Japanese, they can [...]

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The lexus and the olive tree

Por kirai el 26 de July de 2007 en Books

Just finished reading The lexus and the olive tree from Thomas L.Friedman that Fer-martin recommend me. It’s a book about “understanding globalization”, talking about the dynamics and interaction of finance, technology, society and geopolitics in our world. But what I felt while reading it is that I was reading the 90s decade history. I understood [...]

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How would you retire with 5 million euros?

Por kirai el 24 de July de 2007 en Various

I was chatting with Diego and we ended up talking about “what would you do with a huge amount of money”, more concretely “How would you organize your life to stop working and live from that money”. At the end of our conversation we agreed to talk about it in our blogs. If you want [...]

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Por kirai el 24 de July de 2007 en Various

This weekend I took zillions of pictures, I think this is the best one I took. Colors are not perfect but I pressed the shutter at the perfect moment.

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Dance Vader behind the scenes

Por kirai el 20 de July de 2007 en Otaku

After Tokyo dance trooper success, Danny gave me the opportunity to become the most powerful being in the universe. I couldn’t say no, I became Darth Vader! Our purpose was to make a video where Darth Vader is dancing together with an Stormtrooper in Harajuku and Yoyogi park, the final video is at Dannychoo’s site. [...]

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Go – 囲碁

Por kirai el 18 de July de 2007 en Traditional

Go or Igo is a very popular board game in Asia. The basic rule is “try to surround all your rival’s pieces”. I took these two pictures in Beijing. It seems easy, but it’s not! It’s much more difficult than chess. No computer program can beat the best go player in the world, it seems [...]

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