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Hamarikyu flowers

Por kirai el 29 de August de 2007 en Various

“Hamarikyu” is one of my favorite parks in Tokyo (It’s located five minutes walking from Hamamatsucho station north exit). Today I was checking Mainichi and found this picture taken in Hamarikyu park: Picture source I thought: “Hey! I have the same picture! I know the woman who is hiding in the middle of those flowers!. [...]

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Yakuza – ヤクザ

Por kirai el 29 de August de 2007 en Society

Japan, is one of the safest places in the world, there is almost no crime but it is the place where one of the hugest criminal gangs operates, they are the Yakuza. Yazuka is almost a synonym of “organized crime”, it could be translated also as “the Japanese mafia”. The Yakuza beginnings were during the [...]

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I can get food by myself

Por kirai el 27 de August de 2007 en Funny

My new camera, Nikon D40

Por kirai el 23 de August de 2007 en Gadgets

One month ago I bought a Nikon D40, my first SLR. Before I used compact cameras, with them I learn basic photography concepts but after some years I felt like I should go to the next level. I decided to buy the Nikon D40 because it’s incredibly cheap, the body’s price is 47.000 yens (Less [...]

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Post-apocalyptic Tokyo

Por kirai el 22 de August de 2007 en Architecture,Tokyo

Found an article reading Pinktentacle where I discovered an artist expert in lithographies called Motoda Hisaharu. His works are really good, the level of detail is just impressive. He made a series of lithographies based on the hypothesis that Tokyo would be destroyed by a natural catastrophe. I took some of those lithographies and tried [...]

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Por kirai el 20 de August de 2007 en Fashion

Akira Kurosawa drawings

Por kirai el 19 de August de 2007 en Cinema

Akira Kurosawa is one of the best directors in history. What I didn’t know is that when he was young he wanted to become a painter, but he ended up being a film director. He didn’t stop dedicating time to his passion, he draw every scene of his films by hand; he made colored/artistic storyboards. [...]

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Shells, Kanjis and Money

Por kirai el 16 de August de 2007 en History,Japanese

There are many places where in the old times shells were used as currency. India and China used them during thousands of years and their shell-coins gradually entered the Japanese islands. It is interesting that even nowadays there is a Japanese and Chinese character that means “shell” but if you add strokes to it the [...]

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