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Karoshi 過労死

Por kirai el 30 de September de 2007 en Health,Society

Karōshi (過労死 : excess – labor – death) is a Japanese word that means “sudden death caused by excess of work”. This specific word only exists in Japanese, but it’s starting to be exported to other countries like Korea where the same problem is arising. After the Second World War, Japan was able to recover [...]

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Victims of both nuclear explosions

Por kirai el 28 de September de 2007 en History

“Hibakusha” (被爆者: being exposed, bomb, person) is a Japanese word that means “nuclear bomb victim”. In this category of “hibakusha” there is the people who where within two kilometers from the hypocenter at Hiroshima or Nagasaki, those who where within five kilometers from the hypocenters sometime during the next two weeks from the explosion, and [...]

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Face training

Por kirai el 25 de September de 2007 en Videogames

Dannychoo already talked about it some months ago, but now “Face training” is on sale here in Japan. I’ve already seen two nice office ladies playing in the train while commuting. “Face training” is one of those weird games that are launched in Japan once in a while and never get exported. “Face training” is [...]

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Yakult and lactobacillus casei

Por kirai el 22 de September de 2007 en Drinks

Yakult (ヤクルト) is the name of the first company in the world that commercialized products with “Lactobacillus Casei”. It was during 1935 (Much much before Danone made their L.Casei products popular in Europe and USA) when a Japanese scientist called Shirota discoverd the “L. casei Shirota” and created a company that would become the current [...]

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Kojima Yoshio 小島よしお

Por kirai el 21 de September de 2007 en JapaneseTV

Ale from did a Spanish version of one of the most popular humor gags right now in Japan. The name of the humorist is Kojima Yoshio, and his basic performance consists on saying stupid things and from time to time he says ” “そんなの関係ねえ!”, it means “It’s not related” but it could better be [...]

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About the stamps

Por kirai el 20 de September de 2007 en Various

I’m gonna write some information about each of the stamps I showed yesterday. Mazinger Z The three stamps from the first column are the easiest ones. All of them feature characters from Mazinger Z. Atom Atom is one of the most charismatic characters created by Tezuka Osamu, the father of manga. Atom and Doraemon are [...]

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Cool stamps

Por kirai el 19 de September de 2007 en Various

Today I receive a package with this stamps: Can you recognize the characters and symbols represented on each of them?

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Luxurious food for dogs

Por kirai el 19 de September de 2007 en Society

In the new Tokyo Midtown complex in Roppongi there is a shop for dogs. Much of the stuff they sell in this shop is even more expensive than the equivalent food for humans. They have many kinds of pasta, prepared salads, and I even saw tiramisu and puddings for doggies! Hey, I would like to [...]

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