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Por kirai el 31 de October de 2007 en Society

Life is full of contradictions, some Japanese shops also are. I’ve seen this kind of mixture many times in shops around Harajuku & Shimokitazawa in Tokyo and around America Mura in Osaka.

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Tokyo Fortune 500

Por kirai el 30 de October de 2007 en Society

Fortune Global 500 is a ranking with the top 500 worldwide corporations based on their revenue. Here there is the ranking, but what I find more interesting is the breakdown by city. Position- City – Country – Number of companies listed on Fortune 500 1 .- Tokyo – Japan – (50) 2 .- Paris – [...]

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Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya

Por kirai el 29 de October de 2007 en Otaku

It’s been a long time without any new video. But last week, after Youtube Mix I went to Shibuya with DannyChoo and this is the result: More info about the video Stormtrooper/Dannychoo related posts: Stormtrooper in Tokyo Darth Vader costume Darth Vader Behind the scenes Tokyo Dance Trooper

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Youtube Mix

Por kirai el 28 de October de 2007 en Events

The party where we met a Steve Chen is calles Youtube Mix. I was expecting something similar to the Eyevio event but it was much more glamorous; champagne everywhere, nice Youtube girls, and there were even university models! Here are some of the pictures I took. More pics and info at Dannychoo’s post.

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With Steve Chen, the Youtube co-founder

Por kirai el 25 de October de 2007 en Events

Today, Dannychoo and me were invited to a private party where we had the opportunity to talk with Steve Chen. He is a really cool guy, and he seems really happy, always smiling and laughing From left to right: Danny Choo, Steve Chen and me. More stuff about this event tomorrow.

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Krispy Kreme

Por kirai el 24 de October de 2007 en Tokyo

Krispy Kreme is a donuts shop chain very well know in the United States. They opened one shop here in Japan last December and it became the most popular donuts shop in Tokyo. There is always a really long line, and I mean always! After some months since the opening even during weekdays there is [...]

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Who farts first?

Por kirai el 23 de October de 2007 en JapaneseTV

I found this TV show so hilarious that I took a video with my digital camera so you can watch it. They put eight people in a room, and everyone has to fart if they want to go home. More about Japanese farting at Dannychoo’s site

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Virtual humanoid

Por kirai el 22 de October de 2007 en Technology

I liked this pictures from Is a system developed by NTT Docomo. Using special glasses you can see computer generated graphics “mixed/integrated” with reality. Right now, they managed to make a simulation where you see a girl but it’s just a green dummy. Look at this second picture, in the screen you can see [...]

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