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No tipping in Japan

Por kirai el 28 de November de 2007 en Society

Dannychoo talked about tipping in Japan compared with tips in the USA a while ago. In Japan you don’t need to tip, it’s easy compared with the United States system where you have to be always calculating tips. They should include the calculation in the receipt! I hate that even when you pay with credit [...]

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No parking

Por kirai el 27 de November de 2007 en Various

Evacuation zones

Por kirai el 26 de November de 2007 en Society

Japan is a country where any kind of natural disaster can happen: tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons… But they are also very aware of their problem and are “very” prepared in case of danger. For example, after you register in your city hall they give you a a big manual with detailed instructions about what you should [...]

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Alcoholic spa

Por kirai el 25 de November de 2007 en Health

Yunessun is a well known spa located in Hakone. It’s an interesing spa because they add common drinks to the baths/ofuros. The most well know are the wine and the sake baths, but there are also ofuros with beer, green tea or even coffee. I would try the green tea one, but I don’t know [...]

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Teriyaki hamburger

Por kirai el 24 de November de 2007 en Food

At Japan’s McDonalds there is a hamburger that is not offered in other countries, it’s the “teriyaki” hamburger. It was not an original McDonalds idea, it was invented by Mos Burguer more than thirty years ago when they tried mixing hamburger meat and “teriyaki” sauce. The “teriyaki” sauce is generally made with soy sauce, sake [...]

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Shibuya photowalk

Por kirai el 22 de November de 2007 en Various

Two weeks ago I went with Fumi, Joi Ito, Jim Grisanzio, Jim O’Connell, Uchujin, Zebrio and iMorpheus among others to take pictures around Shibuya. We called it Shibuya CC(Creative Commons) photowalk and uploaded many of the pictures we took. Here there are two of which I consider the “best” pictures took: This last picture I [...]

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Ladybird cleaning robot

Por kirai el 21 de November de 2007 en Technology

Today’s newspapers are featuring this cool cleaning robot and a liked it! It cleans, and it’s kawai!

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Ferrari secured with a padlock

Por kirai el 21 de November de 2007 en Funny

Everyday I see this Ferrari when I walk to my workplace, I like the “advanced” security system:

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