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Falsehood, deceive – 偽

Por kirai el 30 de December de 2007 en Japanese,Society

Every year Japanese choose a kanji character that represents the society feeling of the year that ends. The most voted character this year was 偽 (gi, nise), it means “falsehood, lie, deceive, pretend”. The bit internal problem in Japan this year was the loss of more than 50 million records from the Japanese Social Security [...]

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Camera without battery

Por kirai el 28 de December de 2007 en Gadgets

Sony has just shown his news 3 megapixel camera that looks like a pizza cutter. This curious shape has a meaning, it makes it easier to reload the battery. Every time you want to take a picture you have to roll the wheel against a surface during 15~20 seconds until you generate enough energy to [...]

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Wii Fit

Por kirai el 26 de December de 2007 en Videogames

I’ve been playing Wii Fit for a while, it’s pretty cool! You exercise while playing, it’s the same concept as Doko demo Yoga for the DS. Wii Fit is interesting because it comes with a balance board that acts as an extra controller calculating how much weight you are releasing on each area . More [...]

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Roppongi Hills

Por kirai el 21 de December de 2007 en JapanGuide,Travel

Roppongi Hills is a “futuristic micro-city” that was built in Roppongi (Tokyo) in 2003. The complex has more tha 800 apartments, Livedoor, Yahoo Japan, Lehman Brothers, Rakuten, Konami and Goldman Sachs offices, a cinema, a hotel, bars and luxurious restaurants, a museum, a TV studio, gardens, a gym, a shopping area etc. All you need [...]

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Robot shop

Por kirai el 20 de December de 2007 en Technology

Last weekend I went to Akihabara and spend some time visiting the Tsukumo shop where they only have robots and robot related goodies. They are specialized in humanoid robots but they also have all kinds of electronic and mechanical components that you would need to build your own robot. Will Smith went to this shop [...]

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Kissing whale

Por kirai el 20 de December de 2007 en Various

It’s a “white beluga” whale kissing a one of her nice trainers at Seaparadise. More info at 3yen and Seaparadise.

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Expensive branches

Por kirai el 19 de December de 2007 en Various

Visiting Tokyu Hands, one of my favorite shops in Japan I found a corner full of little branches. There are differents sizes, packs with many of them, different types of wood etc. It’s ok if they sell branches, but look at the prices! This branch in the first picture is 378 yen (more than 2 [...]

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Public bath rules

Por kirai el 18 de December de 2007 en JapaneseCulture

Japanese people love to take baths inside really hot water(40~50 degrees Celsius). Maybe is their lack of swimming pools or maybe is just that being a volcanic island makes it easy to build baths from hot spring water. Here there is some of the basic vocabulary related to the Japanese bath culture. お風呂(ofuro): “bath” in [...]

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