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I’ve seen lines of code…

Por kirai el 28 de February de 2008 en Quotes

I’ve seen lines of code you people wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen DDOS attack ships on fire off the shoulder of BIG-IP. I watched zettabytes glittering in the darkness of my command line near the Tokyo Tower. All those lines of code will be lost in time, like binary code in a corporation. Time to leave… [...]

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Video game guides

Por kirai el 27 de February de 2008 en Videogames

Many Japanese bookstores have some shelves filled with video game guides. There are huge guides, some of them have more than one volume! Those big ones explain even the most “stupid” detail about the game. There will be a day when you need to graduate from university in order to be able to finish a [...]

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Alcoholic vending machine

Por kirai el 26 de February de 2008 en Drinks

This a vending machine filled with alcoholic drinks (Mostly beer). It has an electronic driver’s license reader that checks if the customer has the age of majority or not. Not all these vending machines have the driver’s license checking system, but the government wants to introduce the system in all of them. It’s a cool [...]

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I’m loving it!

Por kirai el 25 de February de 2008 en Gadgets

Have you ever fallen in love with a machine?

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Article 9 – No war

Por kirai el 25 de February de 2008 en Society

Japan “doesn’t” have an army since 1947, that’s because of what is written in the Article 9 from the new constitution designed by the USA: Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of [...]

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Por kirai el 22 de February de 2008 en Various

Just in case

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In the red – 赤字 – Números rojos

Por kirai el 20 de February de 2008 en History,Japanese

I was thinking that “in the red” (English), “赤字 – red characters” (Chinese and Japanese) and “números rojos – red numbers” (Spanish); are all similar expressions which have “red” in common and they are all referred to the same concept: budget deficit. It’s interesting ¿Why most of the cultures associate the red color with negative [...]

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Unofficial company

Por kirai el 19 de February de 2008 en Funny

I found a company called “Unofficial”.

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