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From the Internet to the Eroge business

Por kirai el 31 de March de 2008 en Videogames

After one month since I joined Mirai Inc we have been thinking a lot about our business model and we have finally decided to make a shift. From now on one of our main focus is gonna be making eroge (Erotic videogames). The reason is because the Internet market is too competitive here in Tokyo [...]

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Dark Water building

Por kirai el 31 de March de 2008 en Cinema

The oldest building in Shibuya(A little bit more than 50 years) is gonna be demolished in some weeks. The building is known because the rental space is really cheap, and it’s full of little companies that can manage to do their businesses with 20 square meters. But it’s even more well known because it was [...]

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BigDog and BigDog beta

Por kirai el 28 de March de 2008 en Funny

“Big dog” is an amazing robot developed by Boston Dynamics, look at what it can do. Yes, the sound is horrible and it’s weird to see a machine move like a us when it doesn’t look like a human. After one week since this video was uploaded to Youtube there are already some fan made [...]

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2.000 yen bill

Por kirai el 27 de March de 2008 en Society

There are 1.000, 2.000, 5.000 y 10.000 notes but the 2.000 yen ones are really rare. It’s pretty difficult to get one of those, sometimes you are lucky withdrawing from an ATM or if you ask in your bank office. After more than one year without seeing any 2.000 yen bills I was shopping in [...]

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SuperNES signed by Shigeru Miyamoto

Por kirai el 26 de March de 2008 en Videogames

The author of this blog was lucky enough to meet Shigeru Miyamoto (The creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero…) and he even got a signature from Miyamoto on his old SuperNES. He put the signed machine on Ebay and right now the price is over 1.500 dollars! ¿Anyone willing [...]

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Ai Madonna – 愛まどんな

Por kirai el 25 de March de 2008 en Otaku

The other day walking around Akihabara with Danny we stumbled with a group called Ai Madonna. It’s an otaku group, they perform live art drawing manga on their clothes, skin and various combinations. More information and pictures in their official site.

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Doraemon ambassador

Por kirai el 25 de March de 2008 en Anime

Doraemon became the Japan’s anime ambassador. I wonder if “dorayakis” will become popular all around the world. Found at Iht. Related posts: Doraemon’s real home Doraemon’s film

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University cheerleaders

Por kirai el 24 de March de 2008 en Videos

My friend Flapyinjapan, who studies in Japanese University sent me this video where their cheerleaders are trying to cheer up their mates and also their teachers I guess

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