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How I met your mother

Por kirai el 29 de April de 2008 en Cinema

Last weeks I’ve been watching How I met your mother, it’s really fun and at the same time it teaches you many life lessons. What I like the most are the really different character personalities, even though all the main characters are all radically different they are very good friends and they are always doing [...]

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Kapibara-san – カピバラさん

Por kirai el 25 de April de 2008 en Various

Kapibara-san is a character created by Banpresto. At the beginning you could only get a Kapibara-san from toy crane vending machines. But people wanted it so much that they started selling it everywhere, different sizes, different colors, T-shirts, books and all kinds of merchandising. It is interesting how they managed to create a phenomenon just [...]

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Take the poo with you

Por kirai el 24 de April de 2008 en Society

I was walking with Danny the other day and we found this interesting sign: It says that you shouldn’t leave your dog’s shit on the street. Generally Japanese people follow the rules (That’s good for some things, but not so good for other things), in this case is good because it’s very difficult to bump [...]

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UMPC running Windows Vista

Por kirai el 24 de April de 2008 en Gadgets

Willcom, the company that made the W-ZERO3, just launched a new super-telephone-pda-smartphone or UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC) or whatever you want to call it, and it works with Windows Vista! In Microsoft they must be very happy to see how someone has bothered to do so, and has managed to do it! But if you see [...]

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Buying cameras in Japan

Por kirai el 23 de April de 2008 en Photography

Japan is a paradise for all of us who enjoy taking pictures. All the major camera brands are Japanese, that’s good because prices for lens and cameras are much lower here than in other places. Furthermore, Japanese people in general like photography a lot, and that’s good for the market. You can find zillions of [...]

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Mario Kart Wii ad

Por kirai el 23 de April de 2008 en Advertising,Videogames

Lenticular cloud over Mount Fuji

Por kirai el 22 de April de 2008 en Various

Yes, I know this is an old picture, it’s an “Internet Classic”, but still, I love it. Look at the shadow, it looks like Mount Fuji is using an umbrella. Found this picture at Onigiri Tumblr This is a lenticular cloud, it’s a type of cloud that is formed only under really rare conditions. It [...]

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If you could become an anime character

Por kirai el 21 de April de 2008 en Anime

Oricon Inc made a poll asking 900 Japanese people: if you could become an anime character who would you like to be? My choice would be Doraemon, because he is always happy and he always have a funny solution for all problems. Japanprobe presented the results using nice images like this: 1.- Goku from Dragon [...]

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