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Pension system in Japan

Por kirai el 28 de May de 2008 en Society

There are 127 inhabitants in Japan, and 35 million of them are retired. In 30 years it is expected that 50% of the Japanese will be retired. Immigration and natality rate are really low in Japan. Everyone between 20 and 59 years old has to pay to the pension system by law. But the big [...]

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What happens if you put a phone in a microwave oven

Por kirai el 27 de May de 2008 en Funny

Found at Microsiervos

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How to fart without stinking too much

Por kirai el 26 de May de 2008 en JapaneseTV

I like this TV show where viewers can ask weird questions and the show will answer the questions after some research. I recorded a piece of the show where someone asked “What do I have to do if I want to minimize the stinkness of my farts?”. In the TV show they are pretty serious [...]

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Reflex market share in Japan

Por kirai el 23 de May de 2008 en Photography

I found this interesting pie chart showing reflex cameras market share in Japan during 2007: Nikon and Canon are more or less the same, and together they have more than 80% of the market. I did not found data for Europe or the USA, but I guess Canon and Sony have much more market share [...]

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Push-up counter

Por kirai el 22 de May de 2008 en Funny

Super Fishing

Por kirai el 20 de May de 2008 en Advertising

I found this fishing pool ad interesting. I wonder if they really have whales inside and let you catch them and eat their meat.

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Stop following, Start leading

Por kirai el 20 de May de 2008 en Various

This picture is for all my followers, followers, followers, I love you all! IBM ad found in the New York Times printed version.

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Edo-Tokyo museum

Por kirai el 19 de May de 2008 en Architecture

My mother recommended me Edo-Tokyo museum and I finally had time to visit it. I liked it a lot, even more than the National Museum. I couldn’t take pictures inside, but this is a picture of the building I took other day. It looks like it was designed by a Star Wars artist! Next the [...]

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