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Transparent umbrellas

Por kirai el 30 de June de 2008 en Society

I think I’m starting to be too used to Japan and I’m loosing my capacity to be surprised by “things that make Japan different”. I uploaded his picture to Flickr and many users told me that all umbrellas in the picture except mine are transparent! View picture on Flickr Yes, the transparent umbrella is the [...]

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Pushers extreme version

Por kirai el 30 de June de 2008 en Trains

I’ve never seen something so extreme, it seems the video is from 20 years ago here in Tokyo.

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Leader in Photovoltaic Cell Production

Por kirai el 29 de June de 2008 en Technology

In the last few years, the United States has lost its position as the leader in photovoltaic cell production and has stepped aside for Japan, which produces more than 50% of the “raw material” needed for the construction of solar power stations. In the late 90′s, the United States was the leader, due mostly to [...]

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Firefox 3 event

Por kirai el 27 de June de 2008 en Internet

Yesterday I attended the Firefox 3 release in Tokyo. Gen Kanai (Mozilla marketing manager) invited me and Danny to the event. Unfortunately Danny could not attend but Francesco and Peter came with me. We had a great time meeting all kinds of people and eating really good food. Here there is Gen Kanai‘s smile after [...]

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Daido Moriyama

Por kirai el 26 de June de 2008 en Photography

Nobuyoshi Araki and Daido Moriyama are two of the most famous contemporary Japanese photographers. Nobuyoshi Araki is the bad boy, he likes colors and controversy, on the other hand Daido Moriyama shots almost always en b&w and his pictures are sad and melancholic. Daido Moriyama was friend with Yukio Mishima, and he confesses that his [...]

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Sometimes I see Spiderman

Por kirai el 25 de June de 2008 en Funny

Crappy bus stops

Por kirai el 23 de June de 2008 en Tokyo

One thing about Tokyo that surprised me from the beginning and still surprises me everyday are bus stops. Most of the bus stops in Tokyo are just a pole with the timetable, and if you are lucky there is a chair or a bench that someone put it there. I think this is because nobody [...]

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Waterproof mobile phone

Por kirai el 19 de June de 2008 en Technology

Docomo just released the new 906i and 706i series mobile phones. One of those phones is the F706i, built by Fujitsu. They are marketing this phone as “the thinnest waterproof phone in the world”. It has a 3.2Mp camera, I guess it would be useful and fun to use it to take some pictures while [...]

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