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Sega massage

Por kirai el 30 de July de 2008 en Various

Interesting massage machine made by Sega. The user can select which areas he/she wants to be massaged and at the end it will generate your feet map with some health advice. Related: Kancho vending machine

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Solar palm tree

Por kirai el 17 de July de 2008 en Technology

I never noticed that this palm tree in Daikanyama had solar panels on the top until last week. I like the idea of integrating solar panels in our cities, for example, in my spanish post someone suggested that Big Camera and Yodobashi should install solar panels on all their buildings roofs.

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Kimono VS miniskirt – 2

Por kirai el 16 de July de 2008 en Fashion

It had been a while since I had seen a kimono and a miniskirt girls together, but finally, after more than one year of drought I managed to take another picture of this rare conjunction. What do you prefer, miniskirt or kimono?

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Interesting demolition method

Por kirai el 15 de July de 2008 en Architecture

Kajima Corporation is demolishing two skyscrapers using a silent, clean and fast original method. In the video you’ll see how they replace the first floor columns with metal ones supported by an hydraulic system controlled by computer, they can make the whole building to go down one level and repeat the same process over and [...]

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D4 is pretty big

Por kirai el 14 de July de 2008 en Gadgets

Willcom D4 is a UMPC (UltraMobilePC) about which we talked about a while ago because it is one of the most little devices in the world being able to run Windows Vista. It was released a while ago but I did not have the chance to use until last week, it IS little… but it [...]

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Groceries vending machine

Por kirai el 14 de July de 2008 en Various

This is not my picture, I’ve never seen something similar, I found it here. Other vending machines: Used underwear vending machine Flower vending machine Free drinks vending machine

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iPhone trooper

Por kirai el 14 de July de 2008 en Videos

I had a camera, Danny was wearing his trooper armor, we where at the iPhone queue… and well, this is what happened: Watch more “Stormtroooper in Tokyo” videos.

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iPhone queue in Tokyo

Por kirai el 11 de July de 2008 en Events,Gadgets

I went this morning with Dannychoo to check out the iPhone queue in the main Softbank store in Harajuku. It’s impressive, there is already people lining up for tomorrow! Did you get an iPhone today? will you wait? you don’t care about the iPhone? Here there are some pictures of the queue I took: Aoki, [...]

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