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Earthquake = Tsunami => Refuge

Por kirai el 28 de August de 2008 en Signs

I like this equation, simple and true. 地震 = 津波 => 避難 Earthquake = Tsunami => Refuge

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Weird house 2

Por kirai el 26 de August de 2008 en Various

I found this other weird house in Tokyo: Many interesting details can be appreciated in the high-res version. There is a Buddha, a bear, a microwave oven, a bottle of sake, a fan… Related posts: weird house Expensive destroyed house

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Second hand shop in Shimokitawaza

Por kirai el 25 de August de 2008 en Various

I like how this shop in Shimokitazawa looks like from the outside. This is the main entrance. There is a Spiderman welcoming the customers. Other entries about Shimokitazawa: Paintings in Shimokitazawa Shimokitazawa by kids Shimokitazawa photowalk

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20th Century Boys – The movie

Por kirai el 21 de August de 2008 en Cinema,Manga

Naoki Urasawa, the author of Pluto and Monster latest manga hit is 20th Century Boys. I liked a lot 20th Century Boys, it is very similar to Monster in structure but even longer. 20th Century Boys is so popular in Japan that they are making a trilogy of movies. The advertising campaign for the first [...]

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A Wild Sheep Chase

Por kirai el 18 de August de 2008 en Books

“A Wild Sheep Chase” is the last novel from Haruki Murakami I’ve read. It is also the last one I had to read to finish reading all his novels in English, the next challenge is to read all of them one more time but in Japanese. Some of the conversations in this novel reminded me [...]

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Back from Spain

Por kirai el 13 de August de 2008 en Travel

I’ve been for a while in Spain, and I was lazy to update my English blog, I’m sorry! These are some of the pictures I took during my stay in Spain. The University where I graduated some years ago invited me to talk in a conference. My family. Signing books. Yes, I wrote a book [...]

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