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Por kirai el 29 de September de 2008 en Funny

I was walking around Shibuya with my friend Pablo and we found Carisman! He was kind and he showed us all his special positions and techniques:

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Jackie Chan Street Fighter

Por kirai el 29 de September de 2008 en Funny

Chocolate sushi

Por kirai el 26 de September de 2008 en Food

This company is specialized in creating sweets that look like sushi using only chocolate and rice. From the pictures it looks like real sushi! Found at Xorsyst.

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25 hours travel

Por kirai el 25 de September de 2008 en Travel

These are some pictures I took from my last travel from my place in Spain until my place in Japan. This time it took me 25 hours from the door in my house in Spain until the door in my house in Tokyo. There are not direct flights from Spain to Japan, it sucks! I [...]

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Koichi Toyama wants to be president of the USA

Por kirai el 24 de September de 2008 en Funny

Koichi Toyama, is a super crazy radical anarchist who became pretty popular during the last year Tokyo elections. He was a candidate for the governor of Tokyo in 2007 and he said so many stupidities that he got the attention of everyone. This time Koichi Toyama decided to run for president of the United States: [...]

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Emergency exit

Por kirai el 23 de September de 2008 en Signs

Taro Okamoto

Por kirai el 22 de September de 2008 en JapaneseCulture

I while ago I visited the Taro Okamoto museum in Kawasaki. Taro Okamoto is one of the most important Japanese artists from the last century. He was a painter, an sculptor and a writer. His master piece was the Tower of Sun, that he designed for the 1970 Osaka Expo. If you have read 20th [...]

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No trespassing

Por kirai el 18 de September de 2008 en Funny,Signs

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