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Useless doors

Por kirai el 27 de November de 2008 en Society

This is my collection of “useless doors”, there are tons of them in Japanese cities. Japanese is a relatively secure country but people usually install advanced security systems (Alarms, cameras and stuff like that), but it seems that they don’t really care too much about the security level of their garden door. For example, look [...]

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10% discount if it’s raining

Por kirai el 25 de November de 2008 en Advertising

I got this discount ticket that it’s valid for a dinner in a restaurant only if it’s raining. I’ve only seen in practice this marketing strategy in Japan but I think it could work in other places. Would you go out for dinner if you have a 10% discount or would you stay at home? [...]

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Akihabara, otaku and geek sacred land

Por kirai el 21 de November de 2008 en Otaku,Travel

Akihabara is the biggest electronics shop district in the world and one of the most important Japanese pop culture springs. Akihabara dreamed place for gadget, technology, anime, video games, robots and manga lovers. Akihabara is where many geeks and otakus from all around the world dream to travel once in their life. Located near Tokyo [...]

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WTF Video

Por kirai el 19 de November de 2008 en Funny

Recorded this video from a screen in the entrance of a DVD store in Osaka. Would you go inside this DVD store after watching this video in the entrance?

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Radio Center

Por kirai el 19 de November de 2008 en Technology,Travel

“Radio Center” (“Rajio sentaa” – ラジオセンター) is a group of many little shops specialized in electronic components: multimeters, transistors, valves, capacitors, robot components, you can even find humanoid robots! The biggest electronic components department store in the world. Walking by these shops, that are all below the rail tracks next to Akihabara Station feels like [...]

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Guitar phone

Por kirai el 18 de November de 2008 en Gadgets

Taito launched a really cool software that uses Docomo mobile phones sensors and cameras to emulate a guitar or any other musical instrument. The software name is “Chokkanband” and what it does can be seen visually in this image: But better than words, and better than images, take a look at these videos: Sources: CScoutJapan [...]

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Highway in the 5th floor

Por kirai el 17 de November de 2008 en Architecture

This is one of my favorite buildings in Osaka: I had taken many pictures of this building but I never thought of approaching to it. Anenglishmaninosaka did it, and he took this building directory picture: It says “Highway from the 5th until the 7th floor”. I wonder if there is something else in the building… [...]

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Tranquil time in Tokyo

Por kirai el 10 de November de 2008 en Tokyo

One of the best things I like about Tokyo is that, even though it is one of the most populated cities in the world, if you walk away five minutes from any train station you can find places that metaphorically transport you outside of Tokyo. Sometimes I have the feeling I’m not in Tokyo but [...]

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