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Dog enjoying a bicycle ride

Por kirai el 18 de December de 2008 en Funny

Akihabara News – Gadgetry from Japan and Asia (Subscribe) – Your portal to Japan (Subscribe) Japan Probe – Japan news and entertainment (Subscribe)

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Por kirai el 17 de December de 2008 en Food

“Shiitake” is an edible mushroom very common in Asia. It is one of those things I always buy when I go to the supermarket, it’s yummy and you can put it together with almost whatever: pasta with shiitake, soup with shiitake, asparagus with shiitake, whatever with shiitake . Shiitake has tons of vitamin D, and [...]

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New Brad Pitt commercial in Japan

Por kirai el 17 de December de 2008 en Advertising

Learning Japanese

Por kirai el 15 de December de 2008 en Japanese

This post is for all of you who want to learn Japanese or who are starting to study Japanese. 1.- Learn Hiragana and Katakana The first step to learn Japanese is to learn the syllabaries Katakana and Hiragana. You can start learning Japanese without knowing Hiragana and Katakana but I would never recommend it. What [...]

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Tokyo pictures 2008 – Architecture

Por kirai el 11 de December de 2008 en Tokyo,Traditional

Previous posts from the Tokyo 2008 series: Tokyo Pictures 2008 – Kids Tokyo Pictures 2008 – People In order to take these pictures I used these lenses with my Nikon D40: Sigma 10-20mm Nikkon VR 18-200mm Sigma 30mm F1.4 Nikkor 50mm F1.8 Jardines Hamarikyu Hamarikyu Gardens Tocho special illumination Nuevo edificio en Shinjuku

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Megaprotection against the Sun

Por kirai el 10 de December de 2008 en Health

Japanese are pretty extreme when it comes to protecting their skin against solar rays. Most people use 50 factor protection creams, parasols or gloves; but the most advanced technique consists on using the “megaprotector”! This pictures was taken a few days ago, at the end of November!

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Tuna cheese

Por kirai el 08 de December de 2008 en Food

That’s cheese flavored with tuna. Do you want to try?

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Tokyo pictures 2008 – Kids

Por kirai el 05 de December de 2008 en Tokyo

This is my second post from my “Tokyo pictures 2008″ series. I started with people pictures and in this post I put together some of my kid pictures I took during this year in Tokyo.

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