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Por kirai el 31 de March de 2009 en Funny

Another example of japanglish. I love this one because I took the picture inside the Tokyo University, it is supposed to be one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. I can totally understand people making mistakes when they are not using their mother tongue (I do it all the time), but if I have [...]

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Lego Space Shuttle

Por kirai el 30 de March de 2009 en Otaku

These two Japanese guys have built this amazing Space Shuttle using 65000 lego bricks and 1590 hours (Two persons). Amazing! It seems that the guys who made this Space Shuttle are going to join an event that is going to try to beat the world tallest Lego tower ever built. If you want to see [...]

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Tiger Mask

Por kirai el 20 de March de 2009 en Otaku

It looks like the guy on the pictures I showed you the other day is pretty popular and well known in the Shinjuku area. I had no idea but Roy who has been living in Japan for ages knew about this guy who’s nickname is Tiger Mask. Tiger Mask has been wandering around Shinjuku always [...]

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Crows ecosystem in Tokyo

Por kirai el 18 de March de 2009 en Society

A while ago I ranted about how annoying it is to have so many crows in Tokyo. Latest data shows that there are between 40.000 and 50.000 crows living in Tokyo, they are noisy in the morning, they move rubble around and sometimes they even attack people (It happened to me more than once). But [...]

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Dragon Ball and Lawson

Por kirai el 17 de March de 2009 en Anime

During the last month Lawson convenience stores are selling Dragon Ball products, goodies and food. I find it amazing how Dragon Ball is still so popular and is still making tons of money as a “brand” for many businesses. These are some pictures I took in the nearest Lawson to my home: Akihabara News – [...]

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Nice clothing

Por kirai el 13 de March de 2009 en Funny

This last picture was taken by Pietro in the same area, we think is the same guy.

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Eco green building in Fukuoka

Por kirai el 11 de March de 2009 en Architecture

Josecrem found this fabulous building in Fukuoka. Inside the building there is a cultural center called Acros, and the main facade is full of greenery. By the way, the architect of this building is from Argentine and his name is Ambasz. Pictures by Josecrem There is even a waterfall: What do you think about the [...]

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Shift happens

Por kirai el 10 de March de 2009 en Society

Found at DC News Items. Akihabara News – Gadgetry from Japan and Asia (Subscribe) – Your portal to Japan (Subscribe) Japan Probe – Japan news and entertainment (Subscribe)

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