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Son Goku

Por kirai el 29 de April de 2009 en Anime

Last weekend I was having ramen with my friend Antonio and we found Son Goku! It is pretty normal to find people with kame (亀) t-shirts but this Son Goku was orange until his shoes Related entries: Dragon Ball and Lawson Dragon Ball Kai Dragon Ball Kai Episodes Akira Toriyama interview

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No graffitis

Por kirai el 28 de April de 2009 en Signs

Where can I draw? There are not many graffitis in Japanese cities, this is the only sign prohibiting it I’ve seen until now and curiously it was at the entrance of a US military base in Okinawa. Akihabara News – Gadgetry from Japan and Asia (Subscribe) – Your portal to Japan (Subscribe) Japan Probe [...]

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Phone building

Por kirai el 27 de April de 2009 en Advertising

I loved this! It is a Biccamera (Electronics shop) with a phone facade where each button indicates what the clients can find in each floor. For example in the button(floor) number seven we can find “Windows, computers” and in the button(floor) number six we can find “Macintosh, computers”.

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100 yen Netbooks

Por kirai el 27 de April de 2009 en Gadgets,Technology

A while ago Japan was known as the country where 3G smartphones cost 1 yen. The terrible competition in the mobile phone market made telephone prices drop until the limit of 1 yen. Not only the most basic phones cost 1 yen, even the advanced and pretty good phones cost also 1 yen. Those were [...]

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Testing the Nikon D5000

Por kirai el 24 de April de 2009 en Photography

I’ve been trying the new Nikon D5000. A camera that I would classify in the middle of the Nikon D60 and the Nikon D90 but with a little bit of “new style” because of the vari-angle color LCD monitor. It is awesome to be able to freely move the LCD monitor in a D-SLR camera! [...]

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Tsuyoshi Kusanagi drunk and naked

Por kirai el 23 de April de 2009 en Music

The Japanese popstar Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, one of the most charismatic members of the SMAP pop group has been arrested for alleged public indecency after he was reportedly found nude at a park and drunk. I can’t believe it! I don’t really like SMAP or any of its members but I thought Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was the [...]

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Fit’s Dance Contest

Por kirai el 23 de April de 2009 en Advertising,Videos

My friend AlePepino who we already know from his Kojima Yoshio video (A video that became so famous that was featured on Japanese TV) is participating in a viral video challenge to promote a new brand of gum called Fit’s. Lotte has launched a new chewing gum called Fit’s and is organizing a contest to [...]

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Matt Harding on Japanese TV

Por kirai el 22 de April de 2009 en Advertising

I was watching TV this weekend and I found it amazing to see this VISA commercial featuring Matt Harding together with some historical Japanese whose faces are in the Japanese yen bills: If you don’t know Matt Harding yet, you must! He became famous after he left his daily job as a developer, traveled all [...]

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