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From virtual to real racer

Por kirai el 27 de May de 2009 en Videogames

Gen Kanai sent me this article about a young Spanish guy who has managed to become a professional car racer having trained almost exclusively playing with the video game series Gran Turismo for Playstation. This demonstrates once again how “serious” video-games can be, it brings to my mind the novel Ender’s Game. Another case also [...]

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Swine flu fear in Tokyo

Por kirai el 25 de May de 2009 en Health

Last week the first cases of swine flu were confirmed in Kobe and days later in Tokyo. Japanese people are taking many precautions against it and have started buying tons of surgical masks. In the area of Kobe and Osaka more than 4.000 schools have closed and kids are supposed to be studying at home. [...]

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Barbecue with panoramic views

Por kirai el 21 de May de 2009 en Various

I while ago I was in a barbecue somewhere around east Tokyo and the most impressive thing were the “super nice romantic views” we could enjoy eating and drinking: It fascinates me how Japanese are able to elevate highways everywhere, sometimes it helps a lot to ease traffic in Tokyo and Osaka. But there are [...]

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Lanes for pedestrians

Por kirai el 20 de May de 2009 en Signs

In some of the most crowed areas in Tokyo and Osaka sometimes you can find yourself in a “human lane”. It is nice to have everyone walking in order but in summer it can be hard In which lane am I walking? In Shinjuku there are even some sidewalks with rules concerning pedestrian traffic. For [...]

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Japanese bizarre game

Por kirai el 19 de May de 2009 en Videogames

Haripako sent me this awesome video featuring one of the latest Namco video-games for Wii (WiiWare) in Japan. It is one of the most bizarre games I’ve seen lately, the objective of the game is to catch a “protein bucket thief” who likes to always get the proteins from others in a gymnasium. It is [...]

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Ninja typing speed

Por kirai el 15 de May de 2009 en JapaneseTV

The girl in the video works typing subtitles in real time for Japanese live TV shows. It is just amazing to see how fast she can type and how she does it doing combos with a tiny keyboard. It is even more awesome if you think that daily Japanese uses around 2000 different characters, she [...]

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50 yen vending machine

Por kirai el 11 de May de 2009 en Drinks

This is the cheapest drink being sold on a vending machine that I’ve ever seen in Tokyo. On of the drinks in the picture costs only 50 yen! Sometimes, in Japan it is cheaper to buy a drink in a vending machine than in a supermarket, I guess it is because here there are much [...]

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Tokyo CGM Night

Por kirai el 06 de May de 2009 en Events

At the last Tokyo CGM Night I decided to bring my camera and take some pictures. In the previous editions of the event I was too busy helping to organize. Tokyo CGM Night is a monthly event and is organized by Danny Choo together with Andrew Shuttleworth. CGM = Consumer Generated Media and Tokyo CGM [...]

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