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Butt roller

Por kirai el 22 de June de 2009 en Gadgets,Internet

My friend Ale found the newest innovation from the guys who made the bust roller. The box advices the users to use it at least 15 minutes a day, boring… effective?

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Japanese Sleeping – 4

Por kirai el 16 de June de 2009 en Funny

Here it comes a new edition of my “Japanese Sleeping” pictures collection. Japanese Sleeping – 3 Japanese Sleeping – 2 Japanese Sleeping Japanese Sleeping Remix Yes! he was sleeping in that position. On top of a fountain!

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Bring your dog’s shit back to home

Por kirai el 05 de June de 2009 en Signs

Josecrem found this fabulous sign and took this picture: “Bring your dog’s shit back to home” These are two similar signs I’ve found in Japan:

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Por kirai el 03 de June de 2009 en JapanGuide,Travel

I visited Miyajima last fall but I did not have yet time to upload the pictures I took and share them. It is one of my favorite places in Japan, it is near Hiroshima and you can visit Miyajima easily staying in a hotel in Hiroshima and taking the ferry. But the option I took [...]

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8-bit music

Por kirai el 01 de June de 2009 en Music

“8-bit music” is an electronic music style composed using only computers and video game consoles from the 8-bit era. Songs made with these machines are called chiptunes and Japan is one of the countries with more active people and notable the world of the 8-bit music. One of the latest new 8-bit music productions is [...]

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