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Richard Branson’s book

Por kirai el 30 de July de 2009 en Books

Just finished reading Business Stripped Bare the last book written by Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin. The book is more than autobiography, it shows how his personality helped him to built one of the biggest fortunes in the world and enabled him to do stuff like this: The book is pretty good in general [...]

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Yoko Kawahara

Por kirai el 24 de July de 2009 en JapaneseIdols

Yoko Kawahara (川原洋子) is another one of those Japanese gravure models that is really hot. She was born in Saitama Prefecture the 20th of April 1980. Yoko Kawahara is 168 cm tall and her blood type is AB. She became popular by being a race queen and a chaku-ero queen. There are some Yoko Kawahara [...]

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