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Tatami surfing

Por kirai el 27 de August de 2009 en Videos

Fujifilm Square

Por kirai el 27 de August de 2009 en Photography

I don’t know why but after walking by Tokyo Midtown many times I never realized that there is a photography gallery+museum by Fujifilm in the first floor! It is called Fujifilm Square and they have temporal photography galleries and a permanent museum room with all the cameras that Fujifilm has manufactured up until now, they [...]

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Sponsors inside Meiji Jingu temple

Por kirai el 26 de August de 2009 en Advertising,Traditional

When I visited the Meiji Jingu temple for the Hatsumode tradition there were lots of sake bottles at the altar from different famous distilleries that pay to have their bottles placed next to the Gods. By doing this they hope business will go well in the future. The funny thing is that there were Coke [...]

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The Statue of Liberty in Tokyo

Por kirai el 25 de August de 2009 en JapanGuide

In Odaiba there is a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Japanese people love to bring the best things in the world to Japan and adapt them according to their needs and tastes. Apart from the Statue of Liberty replica, in Tokyo there is also a red color replica of the Eiffel Tower called the [...]

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Excessive flirting forbidden

Por kirai el 24 de August de 2009 en Various

One of the rules at the entrance of a club in Shibuya caught my attention: “Excessive Nampa (trying to pick up a member of the opposite sex) will NOT be tolerated.” This is the mentioned sign. Notice the other funny rules like “No sleeping” “Nampa” (軟派 [なんぱ]) can be translated into English as “hitting on [...]

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Shogun Assassin

Por kirai el 24 de August de 2009 en Cinema

The other day I was watching the movie “Shogun Assassin” which is based on the manga by Kazuo Koike Kozure Okami (Lone Wolf and Cub). The movie was released in 1980 and the truth is that, having read the manga, I wasn’t expecting too much of it, however I have to say that I loved [...]

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Super Mario Bros Pinball

Por kirai el 24 de August de 2009 en Videogames

Ryoan-ji – 龍安寺

Por kirai el 20 de August de 2009 en Traditional

Ryoan-ji Zen temple is a temple located in Kyoto renowned for the beauty of its dry garden, which is said to cause tranquility and peacefulness to those that contemplate it. The garden is composed by 15 different rocks arranged in 3 big groups in a way that all the rocks can only be seen at [...]

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