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Pillow that hugs you

Por kirai el 23 de September de 2009 en Various

My friend Albert sent me this picture of another one of those “crazy” Japanese inventions. The concept is quite similar to the legs pillow, but this one is aimed at the women’s market.

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Books and magazines about trains

Por kirai el 22 de September de 2009 en Trains

One of the first things in Japan that caught my attention were trains and also the amount of train geeks around here. A general passion for trains exists in Japan. Train geeks collect books about trains, they travel just to have the opportunity to “try a new train” or to visit a particular train station, [...]

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First Nintendo building

Por kirai el 21 de September de 2009 en History,Videogames

Everything started in 1889 when Fusajiro Yamauchi began producing Japanese playing cards called Hanafuda; apart from Hanafuda cards he also imported some western games, mixed ideas and set up two stores, one in Kyoto and one in Osaka. Playing cards were a novelty for Japanese people and were very succesful at the time. Fusajiro Yamauchi [...]

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Showering samurai style

Por kirai el 19 de September de 2009 en Traditional

In the following video, an actor (who ironically turns out to be Kusanagi) showers/takes a bath in some kind of goemon-buro, the same way as it was supposedly done two hundred years ago. He cleans his teeth with his finger using salt. Vídeo by Japanprobe

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Giant Rubber Duck

Por kirai el 18 de September de 2009 en Various

I was browsing through the flickr account of Tetsuya Blues and I came across this video. It seems that for some weeks now people in Osaka have been able to see a giant rubber duck roaming around the city. The duck is not a Japanese creation but an idea by a Dutch artist called Florentijn [...]

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Electric motorbike prototype

Por kirai el 18 de September de 2009 en Technology

The electric motorbike prototype in the video is able to reach 150 km/h, while the battery charging time is only 6 hours and has autonomy of 200 km. It will cost around 3.000 euros and will be released to the Japanese market next year. The motorbike design reminds me of the motorbikes in the movie [...]

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Books about cats

Por kirai el 17 de September de 2009 en Books

Japanese people, speciallly Japanese women, love pets. The more kawaii (cute) they are, the better. When you meet a Japanese woman the first thing they often do is to show you a picture of their pet, which they usually have as a wallpaper on their cellphones. Apart from the usual dog books section, the other [...]

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Human Tetris

Por kirai el 16 de September de 2009 en Videos

They have been popular online for a while but the other day I came across again one of the Human Tetris videos. It is one of the events in a popular Fuji TV show that began three years ago. The events in the show are similar to those in the popular Takeshi’s Castle. In fact [...]

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