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Putting on make-up like an anime character

Por kirai el 30 de October de 2009 en Anime

This video explains in detail how to get Sailor Moon eyes. The result is shown in the following picture: Looking at the original Sailor Moon cartoons, the blue color and the shinings in the “real” version turn out to be even more exaggerated than in the anime version Via Japanprobe

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Mount Fuji from Pablo’s house

Por kirai el 29 de October de 2009 en Various

Yesterday the sky was so clear that Pablo could see Mount Fuji from his house in downtown Tokyo. This other picture was also taken yesterday but from a skyscraper, even farther from Mount Fuji than Pablo’s house. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it but the picture is taken from a farther point, it’s an optical [...]

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Photo mix

Por kirai el 28 de October de 2009 en Photography

My random pics folder was starting to fill up with too many photos and I have decided to put them all together in a post. It’s a pretty senseless mix that contains some pictures I took 5 years ago and some that I took days ago. Rose and building designed by Tadao Ando. Kiyomizu-dera in [...]

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Scarlett Johansson in Tokyo

Por kirai el 27 de October de 2009 en Advertising

Scarlett Johansson is in Tokyo to attend a series of events to sponsor the Moët champagne brand and to record a TV commercial for them. She is going through similar situations like the main character in Lost in Translation, but dealing with champagne instead of whisky This is one of the billboards of Scarlett Johansson [...]

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Internet café with showers

Por kirai el 26 de October de 2009 en Various

This is a sign at the entrance of an Internet café that opens 24 hours and has showers. Notice the showers “icon” next to the TV one. Because of this trend many people that do not have a house spend the night at Internet cafes for a cheap price and at the same time they [...]

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Drying Tetra Briks

Por kirai el 26 de October de 2009 en Various

It still surprises me that people in Japan dry tetra briks, cans and bottles before throwing them to the garbage. They worry about cleaning the trash!! Most of them decide to put the tetra briks and cans to dry in their kitchens but sometimes you can see them in a yard or outside of a [...]

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An interview with Chris Willson

Por kirai el 25 de October de 2009 en Interviews,Photography

A few months ago I got to meet photographer Chris Willson and now I consider him a friend. You can follow him on, on his blog and on his flickr. Your life in three sentences Grew up in England. Traveled a lot. Now live in Okinawa where I take photographs, write and teach. Why [...]

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Rice fields and Japanese characters

Por kirai el 22 de October de 2009 en Various

Browsing around Japan using Google maps I came across this village where they use a peculiar system to name the different rice fields. One single hiragana, katakana or kanji is used for each different field. I have only seen this naming system in this town, but maybe it is more usual than I think. Can [...]

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