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Novels written using cellphones

Por kirai el 28 de December de 2009 en Books

For some years now, novels written with cellphones and read in cellphones have been really popular in Japan. In fact, they reached such a big audience that soon traditional publishers saw the opportunity and started to print them like traditional novels. Among the best selling novels category during the last 3 years, 4 of the [...]

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A Distant Neighborhood

Por kirai el 27 de December de 2009 en Manga

Some years ago, I had the chance to read the manga A Distant Neighborhood (遥かな町へ); one of the most famous works of Jiro Taniguchi. It is regarded by readers and critics as an excellent manga aimed for adults. It didn’t disappointed me one bit. It is a manga with very meticulous drawings and a wonderful [...]

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The Emperor’s Birthday

Por kirai el 24 de December de 2009 en JapaneseCulture

Yesterday happened to be the birthday of the Emperor of Japan (天皇誕生日: てんのうたんじょうび, birthday of the Emperor) and that’s why we didn’t have to work around here. However today and tomorrow we have to go to work, there’s no Xmas holidays in Japan. One of the Emperor’s birthday traditions is that the “common people” is [...]

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A year using the Nikon D90

Por kirai el 23 de December de 2009 en Photography

It’s been already a year since I bought my Nikon D90. Before owning a D90 I had a D40 that helped me introduce myself into the photography world; the problem is that after one year I had already gotten the best out of it and I felt the need to use a better camera, mainly [...]

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The Sea of Fertility by Yukio Mishima

Por kirai el 23 de December de 2009 en Books

The Sea of Fertility is a tetralogy written by Yukio Mishima, which is considered by many his best work. The tetralogy consists of four books: Spring Snow, (春の雪; Haru no yuki), Runaway Horses (奔馬; Honba), The Temple of Dawn (暁の寺; Akatsuki no tera) and The Decay of the Angel (天人五衰; Tennin gosui). When he finished [...]

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International Manga Library

Por kirai el 22 de December de 2009 en Manga

The construction of the “Tokyo International Manga Library” has just started in downtown Tokyo. This project of the Meiji University will be completed by 2014, becoming the biggest library in the world exclusively dedicated to host comics (manga). The 5-floor building will host more than two million mangas, anime, games and all kinds of articles [...]

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Por kirai el 21 de December de 2009 en Technology

Researchers at the University of Electro-communications in Tokyo and the Japan Science & Technology agency, have recently showcased a new “3D multi-tactile” technology which they have named PhotoelasticTouch. The system uses transparent rubber objects that interact as an input device to a computer. The “trick” is that above the screen (in between the user hands [...]

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Bra that transforms into a golf course

Por kirai el 17 de December de 2009 en Various

The creators of the chopsticks bra and the solar bra surprise us again with a new revolutionary concept that will change the world:

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