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Sora Aoi

Por kirai el 29 de January de 2010 en JapaneseIdols

Sora Aoi (蒼井そら), also known as Sola Aoi or Aoi Sora, is a very popular Japanese idol. Maybe she is as popular as Maria Ozawa. She was born the 11th of November 1983 in Tokyo. She is 155 cm tall and her blood type is B. Sora Aoi does adult videos (AV) and nude pictures, [...]

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Some random photos

Por kirai el 28 de January de 2010 en Various

Origin Bento shop window. Origin Bento is the biggest bento chain store in Japan. Bento is food prepared in some kind of lunch box. At the beginning I used to like the bento thing but I kind of got tired of it. What is cool about Origin Bento is that you can also “design” your [...]

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Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami

Por kirai el 27 de January de 2010 en Books

Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World is a book by Haruki Murakami that I read a while ago in English, and I’ve recently reread in Spanish (my mother tongue). The first time I read it I got lost with so many metaphors and I didn’t like it that much. However, Pjorge advised me [...]

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Four stupid videos

Por kirai el 26 de January de 2010 en Videos

Could you live under that rock? Huge carrots!

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Kazuko Hosoki

Por kirai el 25 de January de 2010 en JapaneseTV

Kazuko Hosoki is the most popular clairvoyant not only in Japan but in the whole world. She has published more than 100 books and her TV shows are followed by a huge audience. Bookstore section specially dedicated to Kazuko Hosoki books. Guests that visit the TV shows of Kazuko Hosoki are “judged” live. Generally she [...]

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Matrix Pachinko

Por kirai el 24 de January de 2010 en Advertising

A new pachinko machine based on The Matrix has just been released in Japan. I am not really interested in pachinko machines because they are boring (it’s only about metal balls falling down, sometimes random things happen and if you are lucky you might end up getting some money) but the TV advertisement to promote [...]

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Origami 折り紙

Por kirai el 23 de January de 2010 en JapaneseCulture

Origami (折り紙) literally means “to fold paper” (折り: fold, 紙: paper) in Japanese language. It is a form of art in Japan and in the world; actually it’s considered a science by many, a branch of mathematics. Besides, lately some people are searching different applications for it within the engineering world and everyday product design. [...]

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More photos of South Korea

Por kirai el 22 de January de 2010 en Travel

I share with you some more pictures I took in my last trip to South Korea. Metro station entrance Seen near N Seoul Tower. Inside N Seoul Tower. Recommended visit if you want to enjoy some great night views. Taken inside N Seoul Tower using a mirroring ceiling.

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