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Star Wars Tuna

Por kirai el 26 de February de 2010 en Advertising

Great Hagoromo canned tuna commercial from 1978.

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Walking the dog near Mount Fuji

Por kirai el 26 de February de 2010 en Various

I found this video and pictures very relaxing. The dog is a welsh corgi walking on the frozen waters of lake Yamanaka, near Mount Fuji, some weeks ago. The video makes you wish you were there running or skating next to the cute little dog! Source: Siro Wan.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc

Por kirai el 25 de February de 2010 en Videogames

I took these photos in Aoyama in one of the main offices of SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment), the biggest subsidiary of Sony Corporation. After not such a good start the PlayStation 3 looks like is gaining momentum and sales are going up slowly; however, in my opinion, it is still a little bit too expensive [...]

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The Borrower Arrietty – New Studio Ghibli movie

Por kirai el 25 de February de 2010 en Anime,Cinema

The next Studio Ghibli movie is based on the novel The Borrowers and is being directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who until now had been an animator. The Borrower Arrietty is his first movie as a director. The funny thing is that even though it is based on the novel by Mary Norton, the action of [...]

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Funny Signs

Por kirai el 23 de February de 2010 en Signs

I recently bought a book of photos of kawaii mascots. These are some of the pictures on the book in which mascots appear on signs. The one that I liked the most is the one with the Godzilla statue smiling and holding a sign with a picture of the Keishicho mascot (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department) [...]

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Kirsten Dunst in Akihabara

Por kirai el 23 de February de 2010 en Music

The day is starting in Tokyo, nothing better than some music to start the day with energy! The name of this song is Turnin Japanese by The Vapors interpreted by Kirsten Dunst in Akihabara. Thanks to Vicente Alonso for the link.

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Using a fisheye lens in Thailand

Por kirai el 21 de February de 2010 en Photography

One of the advantages of traveling with a friend who has a camera with the same lens mount as you is that you can share lenses. During my visit to Thailand last Xmas I had the opportunity to try the Nikon Fisheye 10.5mm lens of Ignacio. My experimentation produced some pretty nice photos: Thailand beaches [...]

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The lost decades of Japan and United States

Por kirai el 21 de February de 2010 en Society

I’m not an expert on economic matters, so please excuse any inaccuracies in this post. The 90s decade in Japan went down in history as “The Lost Decade”, referring to the practically non-existent economic growth during those years. United States has just come out from a very similar decade (from 2000 to 2009) to “The [...]

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