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iPad Magic

Por kirai el 31 de May de 2010 en Gadgets

Video recorded next to Apple Ginza Store.

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Dragon Ball Bus

Por kirai el 31 de May de 2010 en Anime

Seen in my trip to Thailand last Xmas.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

Por kirai el 30 de May de 2010 en Photography

The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography is one of my favorite museums in Tokyo. It is located in Yebisu Garden Place (point 1 in the map) and here you have an schedule of the expositions shown. One of the things that I like the most is this three huge photographs that are located on the [...]

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Tokyo Sky Tree

Por kirai el 29 de May de 2010 en Architecture

Tokyo Sky Tree is a tower that when finished in 2012 will be the second tallest artificial structure in the world after the Burj Dubai. It has barely surpassed half of its planned final height of 634 meters but it is already the highest structure in Japan, surpassing the Tokyo Tower. These are some photos [...]

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Acrobatic robot

Por kirai el 28 de May de 2010 en Technology

This robot is amazing! It is, among other things, capable of maintaining its balance on a ball. It has been created by a professor and a student at the university Tohoku Gakuin. Source: Walyou.

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Miguel Diez in Tokyo

Por kirai el 27 de May de 2010 en Photography,Videos

At the end of last year, Miguel Diez, one of my favorite photographers, came to Tokyo for some months. His main objective was to take photos for a couple of projects that he had had in mind for a long time. As an extra he recorded some video around Tokyo and this is the final [...]

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Vibram Fivefingers

Por kirai el 26 de May de 2010 en Fashion

As I visited San Francisco last month I took the opportunity to buy a pair of Vibram Fivefingers. The Vibram Fivefingers are sport shoes that adapt to the shape of your feet like a glove would do to your hands. The sensation of running with them is very similar to running barefoot. The feeling after [...]

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Futuristic capsule hotel

Por kirai el 25 de May de 2010 en Travel

Capsule hotels are an ideal low-cost option to spend the night if you are traveling around Japan. They are usually located near train stations and in them you can find the basic things that you need to spend a night comfortably: a capsule-bed, a bathroom and showers. In this video you can see a very [...]

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