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Grasshoppers ice cream

Por kirai el 30 de July de 2010 en Food

A small ice cream shop in Nagano has come up with the idea of using grasshoppers (inago) as a topping for ice cream. For just 50 extra yen you can have grasshoppers on you ice cream!! This other ice cream has silkworms! Photos from Related posts: Eating grasshoppers – Inago Inago

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Hiroaki Kitano’s dream

Por kirai el 29 de July de 2010 en Technology

Hiroaki Kitano is known for having created the robotic dog AIBO and for being one of the directors of the Sony Computer Science Lab in Tokyo. In the early 90s, Hiroaki Kitano dreamed about creating biped robots able to perform actions superior to human actions. Ambitious, but at the same time realistic, he started the [...]

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Advantages of a higher blood pressure

Por kirai el 27 de July de 2010 en Advertising,Videos

Another great Japanese WTF commercial; this time it is a commercial of Suntory tea which helps control arterial pressure. The other day I tried the tea and it was pretty good, but I didn’t know about the funny commercial by then…

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TweetUp Japan 2010

Por kirai el 26 de July de 2010 en Technology

As Evan Williams, co-founder and CEO of Twitter has come one week to work here with us in Tokyo, we prepared a meeting of Twitter users in Japan. Evan is happy about our work with Twitter Japan; we are now one of the 10 most used Internet services in Japan beating Mixi and Facebook. We [...]

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Food iPhone 4 cases

Por kirai el 22 de July de 2010 en Gadgets

Now that cases for the iPhone 4 are selling like hotcakes, this Japanese company has taken the opportunity to release these cases that look like some food is protecting the screen. The idea is kind of similar to the popular Sushi pendrives. I wonder if they will also release a version for the iPad.

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Draft beer on board

Por kirai el 21 de July de 2010 en Drinks

Japanese airline ANA will be the first airline in the world to offer draft beer on board. Up until now it was not possible because it is forbidden to have high-pressure CO2 inside a plane. To solve that problem ANA has developed a new kind of keg that uses the CO2 generated by dry ice [...]

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Anti-diarrhea pills “Héctor” (エクトール)

Por kirai el 20 de July de 2010 en Various

My workmate Euonymus has found these pills that help relieve diarrhea symptoms whose name in Japanese is エクトール (Ekutooru). My name, Héctor, transliterated into Japanese becomes ekutoru (エクトル), which is pronounced almost the same as the name of the pills but with a shorter “o”.

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Tokyo Genso

Por kirai el 19 de July de 2010 en Architecture,Tokyo

At Ikusuki’s blog I find these fabulous images of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, something similar to the works of Motoda Hisaharu but in color. Just behind Tocho. In Shibuya next to the home appliances store Sakuraya. The ironic thing is that some months ago Bic Camera bought Sakuraya and one of the consequences is that they [...]

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