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Divorce ceremonies in Japan

Por kirai el 31 de August de 2010 en Various

In Japan one in every four marriages ends up in divorce, it is one of the highest rates in the world. Seeing this data, a bright entrepreneur had the idea of starting a business to organize divorce ceremonies for 500 euros (600 dollars). The culminating moment is the celebration of the destruction of the ring [...]

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Gon, the Jisonin Temple Dog

Por kirai el 30 de August de 2010 en Traditional

This last weekend we headed to the mountains, as far from Tokyo as we could. We left the train at Kudoyama and wandered calmly until we arrived to the temple of Jisonin. At the entrance of the temple there was a kind monk that was talking slowly on the phone, like he had all the [...]

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Fishing in downtown Tokyo

Por kirai el 27 de August de 2010 en Tokyo

I first realized how much Japanese people are interested in fishing when I saw the amount of fishing video games produced in Japan. Many of my coworkers go fishing on weekends, some of them head to the seashore by car, however most of them go to Yotsuya pool, where fish are bred so that customers [...]

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Umbrella vending machine

Por kirai el 26 de August de 2010 en Various

Photo taken by Miguel Michan Other posts about vending machines in Japan: Used panties vending machines Women vending machine Porn magazines vending machine Hamburger vending machine Book vending machine Groceries vending machine First Oden-kan vending machine Alcoholic vending machine Shit vending machine Vending machines with interactive maps 16 vending machines in the same photo 50 [...]

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Kyudo exhibition in Kyoto

Por kirai el 24 de August de 2010 en Traditional

Kyudo (弓道: “the way of the bow”), on of the most ancient Japanese martial arts, searches for spiritual development through archery. The way of holding the bow and all the steps to follow when shooting are very strict and many years of strict training are required to be able to dominate them. Yabusame uses some [...]

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The Seven Gods of Fortune – 七福神

Por kirai el 24 de August de 2010 en JapaneseCulture,Traditional

The Seven Gods of Fortune (七福神 – Shichifukujin) are a group of very popular gods in Japan. But just one of them, Ebisu, actually originated from the Land of the Rising Sun. Daikokuten, Bishamonten and Benzaiten are native to India; and Hotei, Jurojin and Fukurokuju from China. All of them come from Taoist and Shintoist [...]

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Men or women

Por kirai el 22 de August de 2010 en Society

Which entrance would you use? The left entrance (the blue noren one) gives access to the men bathroom. The right one (the red noren one) gives access to the women bathroom. Most onsen (hot springs) and sento (public baths) usually use the same noren colors and at the same time the sex is specified written [...]

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Ice cream robot

Por kirai el 21 de August de 2010 en Uncategorized

The robot Yaskawa-kun, created by the company Yaskawa, is getting rich by making and selling ice creams at the outskirts of Tokyo. He is always working and always smiling! Source: Fayerwayer

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