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Tokyo Summer in pictures

Por kirai el 30 de September de 2010 en Tokyo

In Japan the season changes are very abrupt. We have had a terribly hot Summer but Fall arrived last week and we already have rain and cool winds. I would prefer October to be hotter, but it’s quite good to know there’s a sudden temperature change, not for nothing special but to know what to [...]

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Bath salts for different blood types

Por kirai el 29 de September de 2010 en Various

Many Japanese believe that blood types define the personality of people. It seems that it’s not only something about personality but you also have to use a specific kind of bath salts that match your blood type Seen at a supermarket in my neighborhood.

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Pokémon cars

Por kirai el 28 de September de 2010 en Anime,Videogames

My brother has sent me this Pokémon itasha pictures. Itasha is a word used to refer to decorated cars with manga, anime or video game motifs. It’s something that has become quite popular in some otaku circles of certain age that have enough money to afford it. Source

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Por kirai el 27 de September de 2010 en Funny,Japanese

Japanglish is the kind of humorous English language usually seen around Japan characterized by a poor translation from Japanese to English. The results of those literal translations can be very funny. Japanglish is also known as Engrish. Miguel Michán has sent me this great Japanglish example. Can somebody decipher this Japanglish text? Other Japanglish posts: [...]

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Honne and Tatemae

Por kirai el 26 de September de 2010 en JapaneseCulture

Honne and Tatemae are two very important terms to understand the behavior of Japanese people within their society. Honne could be defined as the true desires, opinions and thoughts of each individual; while Tatemae refers to how the social obligations and the opinions of each individual adapt to the society in general. It is the [...]

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Traditional Japanese lanterns – Tourou, Chouchin, Andon

Por kirai el 25 de September de 2010 en Traditional

The first lightning technologies in Japan arrived from China during the 6th century. The commerce and exchange of technologies with China during that time was very intense. The first kind of lanterns that arrived from China were made of stone and they started being used in Buddhist temples to honor Buddha. This kind of lanterns [...]

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Por kirai el 22 de September de 2010 en JapanGuide,Tokyo

Odaiba is an artificial island located in Tokyo Bay where people usually go for a day trip. It’s not a “mandatory” visit if you visit Tokyo, but if you’re at least 15 days in Japan it could be a good option to spend one day. It is an island where most of the buildings have [...]

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Killer Vagina

Por kirai el 17 de September de 2010 en Funny,Videos

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