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Uchi-Soto – 内-外

Por kirai el 27 de October de 2010 en JapaneseCulture

In Japanese thought there’s a big difference between how you treat people within your inner circle of family and friends (Uchi – 内) and how you treat other people outside that circle (Soto – 外). This differentiation can be found all over the world, as we don’t treat people close to us that we see [...]

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A company named “Siesta”

Por kirai el 24 de October de 2010 en Various

At the entrance of an offices building in Shinjuku I found this: In the sixth floor of the building there is a company named “Siesta”, like the traditional Spanish nap. I’ve been

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New chopsticks-like Mac Book Air

Por kirai el 21 de October de 2010 en Gadgets

In case somebody still doesn’t know, Apple has released today two new Mac Book Air models. One of them, which is 11,6 inches, seen from the side and closed looks like a pair of chopsticks.

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Cool Coca-Cola advertisement

Por kirai el 20 de October de 2010 en Advertising

I love this Coca-Cola advertisement that “connects” in a mysterious way the vending machines with the building in the background. Seen at on of the entrances to Shinjuku Gyoen Mae park.

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Lettuce-producing machine

Por kirai el 19 de October de 2010 en Technology

Dentsu Facility Management Inc has begun selling a machine able to produce around 60 lettuces per day without the need of sunlight. At the moment, they are only available in Japan; the first clients are big restaurant chains because the cost is quite high: 75,000 euro (around 100,000 USD). Will we have some day our [...]

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InoKashira VS InoGashira

Por kirai el 18 de October de 2010 en Japanese

Japanese language is written using three alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. However since Japan began being “connected” to the Western world there have been several attempts to write the Japanese language using our alphabet. The basic idea of all these attempts consists on emulating the pronunciation of Japanese characters the best possible way using the [...]

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Kindergarten kids exercising

Por kirai el 17 de October de 2010 en Various

I found funny these kindergarten kids exercising to the music of Indiana Jones on a building rooftop in Shinjuku. Exercising in building rooftops in Tokyo is something that you can frequently see in some big companies every morning but this is the first time that I see kids doing it.

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Giri – 義理

Por kirai el 08 de October de 2010 en JapaneseCulture

Last week I wrote a post about the Honne and Tatemae, concepts that are highly related to the Japanese samurai tradition. Another concept that has a lot to do with the Bushido is the “Giri”, which is prevalent in the mind of Japanese people. “Giri” is a difficult word to translate. It means something similar [...]

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