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Pachinko advertising

Por kirai el 26 de November de 2010 en Music

This is a music video of a promotion of a pachinko machine. The singer that appears in the video is Kabuda Nobuaki, a Japanese karate and K-1 fighter. Pretty weird.

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Top 10 Best Selling Cell Phones in Japan

Por kirai el 25 de November de 2010 en Technology

In October, for the first time ever in Japan, more smartphones were sold than keitais (“traditional” Japanese cell phones). It seems like the Galapagos Syndrome is starting to hit really hard Japanese cell phone manufacturers, that have to compete more and more harder with smartphones developed in the United States and South Korea. The number [...]

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More robots with human-like gestures

Por kirai el 22 de November de 2010 en Technology

When I posted about the Singing Robot developed by AIST Institute in Japan, I got an e-mail from Miguel Michán telling me about the Actroid-F, another robot from the same lab. I have also been reading about the latest developments of the Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories and it seems like they have ready a [...]

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Taito Station

Por kirai el 21 de November de 2010 en Videogames

In Europe almost all arcade stores disappeared at end of the 90s, as video game consoles became as powerful or even more than arcade machines, and started to be affordable to everybody. In Japan the arcades are not in their heyday but they are still quite alive; they are known here as game centers. One [...]

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Akihabara figurines shop

Por kirai el 19 de November de 2010 en Otaku

A usual visit to the usual figurines shop in Akihabara. There’s every figurine you can imagine: figurines of characters of shōjo manga, Dragon Ball figurines, Star Wars figurines… If you collect figurines Akihabara is a paradise for you. I’m not a big fan of figurines but I always enjoy looking around in this kind of [...]

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Green Tokyo

Por kirai el 16 de November de 2010 en Tokyo

One of the many things I love about Tokyo is the amount of green areas that you can find within a concrete jungle. Although Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world, there’s trees everywhere. The thing is that not only you can find plants and trees in parks but you can find [...]

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Spaniards sleeping – 2

Por kirai el 15 de November de 2010 en Funny

I have a bad habit of taking pictures of people sleeping in public; not only in Japan but also while being in Spain. Our sleeping positions are not as original as the Japanese ones but we’re not bad at sleeping our siesta anywhere.

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Singing Robot

Por kirai el 14 de November de 2010 en Technology

The latest HRP-4C robot developed by AIST is so realistic that is kind of scary; at times it seems to me that it’s almost capable of crossing the uncanny valley. Notice how realistic the eye blinking is!

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