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Japanese demonstrations

Por kirai el 28 de December de 2010 en Society

In Japan, demonstrations are not something very usual; during my first years in Japan I almost didn’t see any. However, as of lately, the Japanese economy is getting worse and worse, there are more and more Japanese people without a job; there’s also problems with the pensions, with China about the Senkaku islands, etc. and [...]

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New solar-powered Coca-Cola vending machines with LED lights

Por kirai el 24 de December de 2010 en Drinks

There are nearly 6 million drinks vending machines in Japan; more or less one vending machine per every 20 people. Coca-Cola, which currently owns almost 1 million vending machines in Japan, has recently announced that they are going to replace all of them with a new ecological model that will be powered by solar panels [...]

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Genki Sudo music videos

Por kirai el 21 de December de 2010 en Music,Videos

Genki Sudo is a former Japanese K1 fighter that after retiring became a singer, dancer and actor in Japanese dramas. His music videos are quite cool, here you have 3 of them, the last one recorded in New York city. New York

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210,000 yen green tea bottle

Por kirai el 20 de December de 2010 en Drinks

You can’t see them very frequently, but as you can find very expensive wines, it seems like you can also find very expensive green tea bottles. This 750ml bottle of green tea, from the brand MASA, costs 210,000 yen (1,900 euro/2,500 dollar). If any of you wants to try it out and see how it [...]

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Sega video game controlled by pee

Por kirai el 19 de December de 2010 en Videogames

My best 2010 pictures

Por kirai el 17 de December de 2010 en Photography

This is a selection of what I consider have been my best pictures of the year 2010. I think some of them are quite good, but I think I haven’t leveled up my skills too much in comparison to my best pictures in 2009. Maybe I have changed my style a bit, but I’m not [...]

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Ginkgos Avenue – Icho Namiki

Por kirai el 16 de December de 2010 en JapanGuide,Tokyo

“Icho Namiki” (銀杏並木) avenue is the main way to enter the Meiji Jingu Gaien gardens (not to be confused with the Meiji Jingu temple). “Icho” means Ginkgo and “Namiki” means “tree line”. The yellow of the ginkgo leaves is fascinating during this time. It is one of the most visited places at the end of [...]

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Por kirai el 15 de December de 2010 en JapanGuide

One year ago I sent a postcard with an ukiyo-e from Hiroshige to Xavier Verdaguer. In that postcard I wished him the best for his birthday and proposed him to go to the island of Enoshima some time in the future. In less than a year Xavier came to Japan and we visited Enoshima together, [...]

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