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Mandarin skin figures

Por kirai el 31 de January de 2011 en Various

Shogakukan has just published a book which explains how to peel mandarins creating animal silhouettes. This is a short demonstration video on what you can get by skillfully peeling mandarins: In this website you can read some of the first pages of the book.

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Hideo Itokawa and Hayabusa

Por kirai el 30 de January de 2011 en Technology

Hayabusa is the name of the first spacecraft that was able to bring a sample of material from an asteroid to our planet. Itokawa is the name of the asteroid in which the Japanese spacecraft took the samples three years ago before coming back to Earth. “Hayabusa” (隼) means “falcon” in Japanese language and was [...]

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15 meters of snow

Por kirai el 27 de January de 2011 en Various

This road can be found between Nagano and Toyama prefectures in the “Japanese Alps”. The route is known as the Alpen Route and can only be used by cars “sometimes” The area is known for its ski resorts and also for the largest dam in Japan: Kurobe dam. Source:

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The Evolution of Manga

Por kirai el 25 de January de 2011 en Manga

I found this very interesting image at 2ch that shows in a quite extreme way the evolution of the drawing style of manga since the Edo era (last frame) until nowadays (first frame). The frame of the Edo era is not really manga but you can already see the fundamentals of what the style would [...]

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Twitter is Japan’s number one Social Network

Por kirai el 24 de January de 2011 en Internet

In Twitter Japan, where I’ve been working for the last two years, we are very happy to have surpassed Mixi as the top social network in Japan, according to data provided by Comscore. Mixi has been the market leader for the last decade and is still very popular around here. Graph by Comscore. Follow me [...]

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Winter in the mountains in Japan

Por kirai el 24 de January de 2011 en Travel

Almost every winter it snows in Tokyo at least a couple of days, leaving some parks and temples unrecognizable. However the most beautiful winters in Japan are not in Tokyo but in the interior of the country, which is totally covered in white creating an idyllic atmosphere that makes you forget that you are in [...]

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Dogs in school uniform

Por kirai el 20 de January de 2011 en Fashion

Photos by Tokyo Times

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Por kirai el 20 de January de 2011 en History

Suidobashi is one of the historic bridges in Japan that is still preserved nowadays. Suidobashi bridge crosses the river Kanda in downtown Tokyo; in the past it was used by merchants, travelers, warriors and samurai that followed the Tokaido route (that linked the present cities of Tokyo and Kyoto). This is how Suidobashi bridge and [...]

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