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Confessions, 告白

Por kirai el 28 de February de 2011 en Cinema

Confessions (告白) by Tetsuya Nakashima was the Japanese movie selected as the entry for the Best Foreign Language Film of this year. The movie is based on a novel by Kanae Minato, which was one the most sold books in Japan in 2008. I hadn’t seen the movie until my brother recommended it to me [...]

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Takeda Shingen

Por kirai el 25 de February de 2011 en History

Not long ago I had the chance to visit Yamanashi prefecture (山梨県) for the first time. Most of the land of this prefecture is a big plain located north from Mount Fuji. Yamanashi is known for its delicious peaches, for its beautiful landscapes, for having the fastest train in the world (still under tests) and [...]

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A night walk from Shibuya to Shimokitazawa

Por kirai el 24 de February de 2011 en Photography

The other day my friend CaDs and I decided to dust off our cameras and go for a walk to activate a little bit our “photographer’s adrenaline”. We didn’t take any great picture but we had some fun. These are some of the pictures that I took in our walk from Shibuya to Shimokitazawa. You [...]

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Samurai fighting shadows

Por kirai el 22 de February de 2011 en Videos

How to use a playground slide

Por kirai el 21 de February de 2011 en Signs

In Japan there’s always a cool way to warn about any danger. Take a look at these warnings about how kids should not use the playground slide.

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Live-action Akira movie will be set in Manhattan

Por kirai el 15 de February de 2011 en Anime,Cinema

Some months ago we already knew that a live-action movie based on the manga film Akira was being made. On that time I said: “at least let’s hope it’s not as bad as the Hollywood adaptation of Dragon Ball…”. According to the latests news it seems that the movie is not going to be very [...]

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China becomes World’s second largest economy surpassing Japan

Por kirai el 14 de February de 2011 en Society

The government of Japan has just published its latest GDP data confirming officially what everybody else already knew, China is the second largest economy in the World by GDP. The GDP of Japan contracted by 0.3% in the last semester of 2010; however 2010 was not a really bad year because as a whole the [...]

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Coffee foam art

Por kirai el 13 de February de 2011 en Drinks

Coffee foam art is a really good example of how much importance Japanese people give to details in the presentation of food and other services. Sometimes more time is spent taking care of the presentation than the preparation. Some of these coffees look so beautiful that it’s a pity to drink them: That’s not coffee! [...]

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