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Custom-kun, the Japanese Customs mascot

Por kirai el 28 de April de 2011 en Various

Custom-kun (カスタム君), is a mascot that I specially like. He is the mascot of the Japanese Customs. Yes, in Japan they come up with kawaii mascots for almost anything, even the Japanese police has its own official mascot. Since some days ago Custom-kun even has his own Twitter account, such an authority

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Hansei – 反省

Por kirai el 28 de April de 2011 en JapaneseCulture

Hansei (反省) is one of the concepts of Japanese culture that has been the hardest for me to fathom, and I believe that I still have a lot to understand and live within Japanese society to understand the concept like a Japanese person. Han (反) means “change”, “to turn something over”, “to see something from [...]

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Training in the park

Por kirai el 27 de April de 2011 en Various

Seen last Sunday in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

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Rikki Kasso

Por kirai el 26 de April de 2011 en Photography

Rikki Kasso is an American artist that lives in Tokyo. Because of his style I always thought he was Japanese, but it turns out he is not. He is a painter and a movie director; as well as a great photographer, whose photos I love. I have been following his blog Tokyo Undressed for a [...]

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Akira – The Manga – アキラ

Por kirai el 22 de April de 2011 en Manga

I had seen the movie Akira, but I still hadn’t read the manga until recently. My colleague Inata lent me six volumes of the last Japanese edition by Kodansha; in United States they were published by Dark Horse. In comparison to the movie, the manga delves more deeply into the political situation after the 3rd [...]

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Earthquake documentary by National Geographic

Por kirai el 21 de April de 2011 en Videos

Witness: Disaster in Japan is a documentary produced by National Geographic that shows us a compilation of videos of what happened on the 11th of March. It shows images from the less affected areas like Tokyo or Saitama, as well as images from the most affected areas, devastated by the tsunami, like Miyagi and Fukushima. [...]

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Fresh eggs vending machine

Por kirai el 20 de April de 2011 en Food

Another weird vending machine coming from Japan, this time “fresh” (?) eggs are on sale. Other posts about vending machines in Japan: New solar-powered Coca-Cola vending machines with LED lights Umbrella vending machine Vending machine with a 47 inches interface Used panties vending machines Women vending machine Porn magazines vending machine Hamburger vending machine Book [...]

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Por kirai el 19 de April de 2011 en Anime

I have almost finished watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, a 11 episode anime series released in 2009. It is a fiction series based in what could happen in Tokyo if there was a magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Tokyo bay. The main characters of the series are two siblings that are enjoying a free day in Odaiba [...]

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