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A penguin with a penguin backpack

Por kirai el 31 de May de 2011 en Videos

Typhoon Songda arrives in Japan

Por kirai el 30 de May de 2011 en Various

After devastating the Philippines, where it has left victims on its way, Songda typhoon arrives in Japan. Even though it has lost a lot of power, the typhoon is affecting mostly to Okinawa, where many electricity pylons and lamp posts have fallen due to the strong winds, and hundreds of houses have been temporarily left [...]

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A GEEK IN JAPAN book giveaway!

Por kirai el 26 de May de 2011 en Kirainet

My book A GEEK IN JAPAN will officially go on sale from the 9th of June. The book is a great deal and you can get it for around US$13 dollars on or B& The good news is that we are giving away 10 copies of my books for FREE to people sharing a [...]

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Be bamboo my friend

Por kirai el 25 de May de 2011 en JapaneseCulture

Bruce Lee said: “Be water my friend”, last weekend Garr Reynolds in his talk at TEDxTokyo said: “Be bamboo my friend”. In that sentence, Garr sums up several lessons Japanese people has taught him using bamboo as a metaphor: what looks weak is strong, you do not have to be big to be strong, bend [...]

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A week in Tokyo in photos

Por kirai el 23 de May de 2011 en Photography

Here you have another series of photos that I took last week around Tokyo. It was a work routine week where the weather started to get very warm. On my way to Shinjuku on the Keio line. On my way to work I came across a child that was going to school. Walking around Roppongi [...]

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Power Squash, the Dragon Ball Kai drink

Por kirai el 19 de May de 2011 en Drinks

The other day my friend Zordor recommended me to try the new drink “Power Squash”, whose can designs are based on Dragon Ball Kai. He told me that the taste is similar to “Lifeguard”, another one of those unique weird Japanese drinks. Yesterday I finally gave it a chance and bought one can, I got [...]

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A Geek in Japan – The book, on sale from June 9th!

Por kirai el 17 de May de 2011 en Kirainet

I’m very happy to announce that my book, A Geek in Japan, will be finally available in English from June 9th. A Geek in Japan (Un Geek en Japón in Spanish), whose Spanish version has been on sale since 2008, is a best-seller in Spain and is in its fifth printing. It has been translated [...]

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Mysterious Godzilla package in the office

Por kirai el 16 de May de 2011 en Various

Source: Reddit

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