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Canon S90 or iPhone 4

Por kirai el 29 de June de 2011 en Photography

Since I bought my iPhone 4 with its great camera, my Canon S90 has fallen into oblivion. Although you can’t compare them, the results in favorable lighting conditions are quite similar and many times it’s just not worth it to carry the S90. In poor lighting conditions the Canon S90 still kicks iPhone’s ass thanks [...]

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Camera that can apply makeup

Por kirai el 28 de June de 2011 en Photography

Panasonic has launched a new digital camera which you can use to apply make up to your face after taking a photo. Among the options included are: making your eyes bigger, lifting up you cheeks, applying shadows to your eyes or even changing your eye color. These are all the retouch-makeup options available in the [...]

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Ghibli Museum

Por kirai el 27 de June de 2011 en Anime,Manga

I had vague memories of my visit to the Ghibli Museum 7 years ago; I went for work and I think I didn’t really enjoy my time there. Last week I had the opportunity to visit it again, without rushing, enjoying every corner like if we were children. I loved it, it made me forget [...]

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New AKB48 Virtual Idol

Por kirai el 27 de June de 2011 en Music

AKB48 is one of the most popular music bands in Japan. It is formed by 48 girls that are divided in 3 subgroups of 16 members each. The latest news is that the group has a new idol, but it turns out that she is NOT real; she is a virtual idol whose face has [...]

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Fujitsu K, the new world’s fastest supercomputer

Por kirai el 23 de June de 2011 en Technology

A new supercomputer developed by Fujitsu which is already running at the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science in Kobe is the new fastest supercomputer in the world. In 2004 Japan lost the lead on the TOP500 list of fastest supercomputers in the world, but last Monday Japan officially regained the lead. Fujitsu K is [...]

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Robotic Flying Ball

Por kirai el 21 de June de 2011 en Technology,Uncategorized,Videos

This robotic flying ball is still a prototype but research is speeding up so it can become a commercial product as soon as possible. One of its first uses can be to use a camera to record from the air or to record areas difficult to access.

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Por kirai el 20 de June de 2011 en JapaneseCulture

Pachinko are the quintessential Japanese slot machines. They are machines with small marble-like balls that you have to throw and depending on where they land, you receive money or not. On most playing modes, the only thing you can control is the speed at which you throw the balls, so it’s quite a “stupid” game. [...]

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First reviews of “A Geek in Japan”

Por kirai el 19 de June de 2011 en Books,Various

I’m very happy to find the first reviews of my book, “A Geek in Japan”. Thank you! These are some excerpts from your reviews: I lived in Japan for 4 years and every-time I used to step out of my house, I used to see something and wonder what that is, wonder why they do [...]

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