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30 things I’ve learned in 30 years

Por kirai el 30 de July de 2011 en Various

Last February I celebrated my 30th birthday. In Japan when you are 30 years old you are entering the 三十路 (MISOJI) “The thirties way”. During these 30 years I have learned, unlearned and relearned many things like just everybody else. Below, 30 things that I think I have learned during my way to the thirties, [...]

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Nokogiriyama – 鋸山

Por kirai el 25 de July de 2011 en JapanGuide,Travel

A couple of weeks ago, on Saturday, a group of “adventurers” decided to visit the largest Buddha statue in Japan. We set out at 7:00am from Shinagawa station on our way to Kurihama. On our way to Kurihama. From Kurihama station we walked towards the port and around 9:30am we boarded the “Kanaya Maru”, the [...]

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Insomnia – 不眠症

Por kirai el 22 de July de 2011 en Photography

This is a series of photographs I took around the alleys in my neighborhood one day I couldn’t sleep. I tried to play a little bit with the night lights and the reflections of the rain. I used a Nikon D90 with Sigma 30mm, almost always at F1.4 and ISOs above 1000.

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Finepix X100 Commercial

Por kirai el 19 de July de 2011 en Photography,Videos

Finepix X100 Commercial with a lot of nods to Daido Moriyama and Nobuyoshi Araki. The Fujifilm Finepix X100 is most likely the best compact digital camera right now. Via: Aasiain

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Ofuro – お風呂

Por kirai el 18 de July de 2011 en JapaneseCulture

Ofuro or furo (traditional Japanese bath) is a really deep seated tradition in Japan that has carried on until today. The Japanese routine entails showering at night right before going to bed. After a shower, Japanese people get into a bathtub full of really hot water (approximately 45 ºC / 110 ºF) for a few [...]

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Yodobashi Camera song

Por kirai el 17 de July de 2011 en Music

Yodobashi Camera is one of the largest discount home electronics chain stores in Japan. After visiting a Yodobashi Camera store one of the things that you remember from the store is the atmosphere music. The original melody is catchy, sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it… mostly when you are more than 10 minutes [...]

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Visiting tourist sights with Google Street View

Por kirai el 14 de July de 2011 en Various

Google has done an amazing job and has taken its cameras (not only on top of its cars) to tourist places around Japan and has integrated the images into Google Street View. You can visit some of these places in this site where the most interesting ones have been selected. In the menu with photos [...]

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Daily Yamanote Moment

Por kirai el 13 de July de 2011 en Trains

Ikusuki’s scooter and my bicycle broke down, better said, we broke them down; so we had to go to work every day by train for a while. We both used the Yamanote line, which every morning is so packed that it makes you feel like you are inside a sardine can. Ikusuki started to take [...]

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