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“A Geek in Japan” Presentation in Tokyo

Por kirai el 17 de August de 2011 en Books,Kirainet

Some weeks ago I presented for the first time one of my books outside of Spain; it was here in Tokyo in Aoyama Book Center. It was also the first time that a foreigner presented a book in this bookstore, so they were not sure if many people would come to the event because the [...]

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No more “Eiga dorobou”

Por kirai el 11 de August de 2011 en Cinema,Videos

In many Japanese movie theaters, just before the movie starts, the following video is shown. It explains that uploading/downloading movies to/from the Internet and recording with a camera inside a theater are crimes punished by law. No More “Eiga dorobou”; “Eiga dorobou” means “steal movies”:

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Keya no Daimon 芥屋の大門

Por kirai el 10 de August de 2011 en JapanGuide

During my stay in Fukuoka after the earthquake of last March, one afternoon after telecommuting, Ale and I went for a walk around Keya no Daimon 芥屋の大門. “Keya no Daimon” is a torii door located in Keya beach in a really tranquil town called Itoshima, south from Fukuoka. Our poor friend CaDs couldn’t come with [...]

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Nobu Tokyo bento

Por kirai el 09 de August de 2011 en Food

Last week, finally, I had the chance to go to the famous restaurant Nobu Tokyo. There are Nobu restaurants all over the world, here you have a list of all of them. Having dinner in Nobu Tokyo is quite expensive, but you can have a REALLY good meal at lunch time for around 20~30 euro [...]

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Kincho Insecticide Commercial

Por kirai el 08 de August de 2011 en Videos

Japanese Sleeping – 11

Por kirai el 04 de August de 2011 en Funny

A classic of this blog, a new collection of pictures of Japanese people sleeping. Always, with all my affection to the Japanese people; after so many years in Japan I have also got used to sleeping almost anywhere. Japanese Sleeping – 10 Japanese Sleeping – 9 Japanese Sleeping – 8 Japanese Sleeping – 7 Japanese [...]

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Google Plus

Por kirai el 03 de August de 2011 en Internet

Three weeks ago I started using Google Plus. I love it! You can follow me here. If you still don’t have a Google+ account and you want to check it out, write a comment in this post and I will invite you. If you prefer, you can follow my activity in other social networks: Facebook [...]

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Eating squid and frog “alive”

Por kirai el 02 de August de 2011 en Food

My brother sent me the other day this reddit link that has videos with bizarre food in Japan. It’s not something you can find every day in Japan, but you can find it if you really look for it. I have seen and eaten the dancing squid dish sometimes, although my dish was not dancing [...]

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