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Interviewed at Metpod

Por kirai el 11 de September de 2011 en Kirainet

Last week I was interviewed by Jeff Richard, the managing editor for Metropolis magazine, for their fabulous podcast Metpod (Subscribe here). We talk about Japan, about being a geek, about the process of writing a book and also about philosophy of life (Balance between your hobbies and work). Here is the interview, I hope you [...]

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7 years in Japan

Por kirai el 10 de September de 2011 en Kirainet

I arrived being 23 years old and recently I celebrated my 30th birthday. It seems like yesterday when I arrived to this place that looked so alien to me and now it feels like home. Did Japan adapt to me or did I adapt to Japan? When I go back to Spain I feel weird [...]

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Nichitsu Ghost Town

Por kirai el 06 de September de 2011 en Architecture,Travel

This summer we visited Nichitsu Ghost Town, our second visit to a haikyo 廃墟 after exploring an abandoned hospital in Atsugi last year. This time our destination was much further from Tokyo, near the heart of Japan, where Gunma, Saitama and Nagano prefectures get together. We rented a van, and Antonio, our beloved driver, took [...]

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