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Most Popular Teas in Japan

Por kirai el 30 de November de 2011 en Drinks

One of the first things that caught my attention when I arrived for the first time to Japan was that many people drank bottled green tea: Suntory and Coca-Cola are two of the largest bottled green tea producers in Japan. Soon, my curiosity lead me to a drinks vending machine in Shibuya, and instead of [...]

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Lego Digital Camera

Por kirai el 29 de November de 2011 en Photography

I found a Lego Digital Camera a while ago in some shop; I didn’t know it existed. It has 3Mpx.

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The Gods that created Japan and the Ise Shrine

Por kirai el 27 de November de 2011 en History,JapanGuide

Thousands of years ago… The Universe was formed by silence, darkness and a huge mass of formless matter. Particles within that huge mass started to move and collide with each other creating the first sounds ever heard. The movement of the mass gave place to clouds and the sky, where suddenly the three gods of [...]

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Japan and Spain rank 1st and 2nd in life expectancy

Por kirai el 25 de November de 2011 en Health

According to the last study of the OCDE Japan is the country with the highest life expectancy in the world (86.4 years) while Spain (my home country) ranks second (84.9 years). I am not an expert and most likely nobody knows for sure but I dare to say that probably two key elements in common [...]

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Lineless Horizons from Enoshima

Por kirai el 22 de November de 2011 en Photography

I think I heard about Hiroshi Sugimoto for the first time when I was in Naoshima. What caught my attention the most about him were his photographs of horizons. In them, the sky and the sea unite in harmony in the horizon in one line of space. Bono liked this photo of Sugimoto so much [...]

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Pepsi Pink strawberry and milk flavor

Por kirai el 21 de November de 2011 en Drinks

I have just tried the new Pepsi Pink with strawberry and milk flavor. I can feel the strawberry flavor but I don’t really taste any milk in the drink. Reading the label it turns out that the main ingredient of the drink is… grape juice! Almost every year Pepsi launches a new “weird” drink in [...]

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2011 Top 10 products and trends in Japan

Por kirai el 20 de November de 2011 en Society

Gakuranman has translated into English a report published every year by the magazine Trendy which ranks the products and trends that conquered Japan during the year. Moreover it tries to predict what will be trendy in the coming year; however it usually fails when trying to forecast the future. This is the ranking of what [...]

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Robotic bear pillow to avoid snoring

Por kirai el 18 de November de 2011 en Technology,Videos

Developed at Waseda University in Tokyo, this robotic bear pillow will gently tickle your face when you snore so you turn over and stop snoring. Source: The Next Web

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