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2011 in Japan through my cameras

Por kirai el 23 de December de 2011 en Photography

Following the annual tradition, these are my favorite photos of this year. I used the iPhone 4 camera, a compact Canon S90, a Hasselblad 500C/M, a Nikon D90, a Polaroid ONE600 and a Kenko KF-2N.

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Kit Kat Varieties

Por kirai el 22 de December de 2011 en Food

Nestlé Japan usually releases different Kit Kat varieties depending on the year season. My favorite one is the green tea Kit Kat. Another marketing strategy is to sell certain varieties of Kit Kat only in some provinces. This way when people travel around Japan, they notice the specific varieties of the regions and even buy [...]

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Low-tech Hamburger Vending Machine

Por kirai el 18 de December de 2011 en Technology

It looks like this other hamburger vending machine but it is a lot more “manual” and has several use modes. It’s something that can’t be explained, you have to watch the video: Other posts about vending machines in Japan: Fresh eggs vending machine New solar-powered Coca-Cola vending machines with LED lights Umbrella vending machine Vending [...]

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Por kirai el 14 de December de 2011 en Photography

Some months ago a girl from Yokohama was so kind to send me a Polaroid ONE600 as a present, so that’s how my “analogization” process continued; a process that mysterious forces started in order to fight against my digital life. The first trip of my Polaroid was to the Ise shrine, where it took its [...]

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Bonds 絆 chosen as 2011 Kanji of the year

Por kirai el 12 de December de 2011 en Japanese

Every year the Japanese people choose one kanji character that represents the society’s sentiment regarding the year that is coming to an end. The most voted character this year has been 絆 (kizuna, きずな), which means “bonds”, normally used when talking about the bonds and collaboration among people, friends, family… In this case it has [...]

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One Year in Japan by CaDs

Por kirai el 09 de December de 2011 en Videos

My friend CaDs arrived to Japan in December 2010. After one year living in Tokyo he gives us this present, a video with some of the wonderful pictures that he took during his first year in Japan: Watch it full screen and enjoying the music!

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Mika-san explains The Empire Strikes Back

Por kirai el 08 de December de 2011 en Cinema

Arashiyama Sagano

Por kirai el 07 de December de 2011 en JapanGuide

I’ve been to Kyoto many times, walking around its avenues, alleys and temples, but for some reason up until last Summer I had never visited the Arashiyama area and Sagano. It was an amazing walk, even under the rain of the typhoon that was passing through Japanese skies that day. We crossed the bamboo forest [...]

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