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One Piece keeps beating records; volume 65 will be printed 4 millon times

Por kirai el 30 de January de 2012 en Manga

One Piece volume 65 will be released in Japan on February 3rd; 4 million volumes will go on sale beating the previous record of 3.8 million volumes, also held by another One Piece volume. If you do the math that means that around 3% of the Japanese population is reading One Piece at the moment, [...]

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Rikugi-en Garden

Por kirai el 27 de January de 2012 en JapanGuide

The other day CaDs and I decided to explore a little bit the area north from Yamanote line. It is not one of the most interesting areas in Tokyo but there are some places that are worth a visit. We went to Komagome station and walking five minutes out of the station we arrived to [...]

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Kaneda Jacket, 30th Anniversary of Akira

Por kirai el 26 de January de 2012 en Anime,Manga

Bandai is selling Kaneda’s jacket to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Akira manga release. You can buy it for 69,800 yen (685 euros/900 dollars) in this Bandai Namco website or in the official website for the anniversary.

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Fake Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich in Kanazawa

Por kirai el 25 de January de 2012 en Architecture

One of the most surprising works of art at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa is a “fake” swimming pool. The pool has just 10 cm of water over a glass surface, it looks like a normal swimming pool until you realize that it is hollow and you can go inside and [...]

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Jiro: The Best Sushi in the World

Por kirai el 24 de January de 2012 en Food

The sushi served in the Jiro restaurant in Ginza is considered the best in the world; it was the first sushi restaurant to receive 3 Michelin stars! Unfortunately I have never been there; you have to make a reservation (there is only place for 10 people) and a normal meal costs between 30,000 and 40,000 [...]

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